Thursday, June 7th

At GCM to see her Dad, Abby lectures Paul on her Dad saving Phyllis and Nikki. He admits they may very well owe their lives to Victor. Hi sweetheart, Victor says weakly as she enters the room. An emotional Abby gives him a tight hug.

At the penthouse, Adam and Chelsea aren’t happy with the recent turn of events. Why would Victor frame Adam then blame it on Ian on the stand? And what is he up to next?

Sharon’s frantically distracting herself with cleaning when Mariah comes to talk about Chelsea 2.0. Sharon’s more interested in dusting and babbling another apology for knocking Mariah out with a bookend. Are you sure you’re back on your meds? Mariah’s suspicious.

Ben greets Ester at CL’s – then sits to chat with Dylan. If he could go back, he’d do things differently.

Back at GCM, Nikki wants to give Paul her statement – hoping it will overturn Victor’s sentence. Paul reminds that she’s largely responsible for putting him in there. Yes, but Nikki feels he’s been punished enough.

Agreeing that the identity of the mystery woman is key, Adam wants to go see his Father. You’re under house arrest, Chelsea reminds.

Dylan’s sorry things have gotten so bad for Ben (who blames himself for Max’s reaction to the surgery) He’ll recover, Dylan’s sure – and how’s Abby? Ben can’t expect her to understand. Don’t shut her out, Dylan cautions. Getting a call from Adam, Dylan repeats ‘talk to your wife’ and leaves.

Abby continues to fuss and weep over her Dad. Oh, how scared she was. Ian will be waiting at Walworth for you. Victor’s not going back there – he’s reclaiming his life, starting now.

Nikki campaigns to Paul – Victor had a chance at revenge and saved me and Phyllis instead. He’s suffered and paid enough. So, that’s it? Paul clearly disapproves. After everything he put you through, you’re willing to forgive and forget.

Continuing to downplay her manic behavior, Sharon IS taking her meds and just wants to have the place tidied because Dylan’s coming home for lunch. Everything’s fine! Mariah answers the door – and Sharon gives Kevin a big hug. Help me move the sofa! On wait – I forgot the quiche! As Sharon runs into the kitchen, Kevin guesses ‘that woman is not medicated’.

At the penthouse, Dylan tells Adam that he won’t be able to see Victor. Adam insists – thanks for going above and beyond for me. I need to prove this theory – that Victor set me up. Confronting Victor is the only way to do that (without IDing the mystery woman) Dylan will see what he can do.

Abby continues to gush over Victor. Oh how he hates being cut off from the world, his family. He has so much to get back to – and to do. He bets the rest of the family doesn’t share his enthusiasm for his release. Both spot Nikki through the window.