Wednesday, July 6th

Back at NE, Nick still suspects Luca. Victor admitted to trying to teach the family a lesson and there’s a good chance that someone on the inside is helping him and expecting a payoff when Victor’s released. Summer remembers her Dad asking her to trust her instincts. You suspect something’s off with Luca, Nick realizes.

Abby keeps getting cut off as she talks Ben. Oh, they did – thanks for letting me know. Do you have time to ….. I love …. ~click~ you. Ben loves you, Ashley reassures – he wanted to hear your voice. Abby then heads out to go visit her Dad.

Summer tells Nick that Luca got in the way of her finding out that her family was in danger. He was just trying to protect me. Nick doesn’t think Summer needs Luca’s protecting (just his from time to time ~hug~) Nick repeats his instructions – trust yourself. You’re not a snowflake – you’re supergirl.

On the rooftop, Luca sips his drink as he tells someone on the phone that there’s a problem – Nick’s on his way there.

Arranging flowers in the dining room. Lily’s glad when Devon returns to say that Kay’s motivated him to keep fighting ~hug~

At the bar, Billy orders a drink and chats with Hilary (who thinks he must be celebrating – Jack got his wife back) To happy ending, Billy clinks her glass and drinks.

You deserve to know – Billy crossed the line. He assumed our marriage is doomed. I told him to keep his mouth shut. No one gets to judge us. That’s why you heard raised voices. He’s not the only one who wants what we have, Jack says – maybe jealousy isn’t a bad thing if it gives Billy something to shoot for. Not everyone’s as lucky as we are ~hug~

Next: Sorry to bother you but I’m really freaking out here, Chelsea’s on the phone. Let me guess – Victor? Kevin answers … I’m running out of time here. I need to prove this theory, Adam’s agitated. And you think confronting Victor is the only way to do that? Dylan suspects … Nikki’s at Victor’s bedside – I don’t want to walk away from you.