Thursday, June 7th

Nikki IS on edge – the husband I thought loathed me risked his life to save mine. Paul reminds that Victor’s shown no remorse for his actions. He’s been striking out at all of you. He thinks you’re the problem. With the divorce almost final, you’re free of Victor – that was your goal, he reminds He’s frustrated when Abby comes out – and Nikki jumps at the chance to see Victor. She thanks him for saving her life. I don’t want this divorce.

You surprised the hell out of me (Nikki thought Victor would kill Ian) You showed restraint for the sake of your family. There he is, she thought – the wonderful man I fell in love with; the man I thought was gone forever. If you want to go ahead with the divorce, I understand. Victor doesn’t – he will love Nikki til his last breath. Both are in tears as Nikki hugs him.

Bumping into Ben at GCM, Abby didn’t know he was picking up an extra shift. He’s irritated by her questions about Max – how do you THINK he’s doing?

Mariah believes Sharon – she’s back on her meds. Kevin doesn’t buy it – there must be a reason she’s seeing dead people (other than the trauma of seeing Sage die) Mariah insists Kevin let it go – Sharon’s fine. Sharon appears to thank Mariah and apologize to Kevin and explain the highs and lows of her condition. Kevin believes the weepy Sharon. Chelsea then calls him – Victor might get away with framing Adam. You’re the only person who can stop it.

Now alone, Sharon gushes over Mariah. They’re hugging when Dylan comes home. After Mariah goes up to watch Sully, Dylan’s impressed by the display of food, drink and flowers. Sharon’s doing well and grateful for this time together. Knock knock. Nikki appears – she needs Dylan’s help.

At the penthouse, Chelsea lists all the crimes Kevin’s solved. Now who’s this mystery woman? Oh, she realizes that Kevin wants Adam to go to prison – to pay for killing Delia.

Adam’s in Victor’s room to accuse him of setting him up then defending him on the stand. Victor wouldn’t let Adam go to prison for something he didn’t do. You went to great lengths to set me up, Adam knows – what the hell do you want???

Nikki makes the same pitch to Dylan – Victor’s an honourable man who saved two lives. His heroics could overturn his sentence. Dylan doubts that – he was found guilty of fraud and kidnapping – you testified against him.

Victor tells Adam that pages of the journal will show up to exonerate him IF he comes back to work at NE. I can fix things. You want me there because you can’t run NE from a prison cell, Adam guesses. Don’t underestimate me, Victor warns.