Friday, July 8th

From his hospital bed, Victor asks Adam to run NE until he’s released. And the evidence against me will just disappear? Adam just needs to swallow his pride and go back on promises he made to his wife? Do we have a deal? Victor asks.

At the penthouse, Kevin and Chelsea brainstorm who the mystery could be.

Nikki drops they the office to announce that she and Victor have called off the divorce. If you and Dad are happy, so’s Vikki ~hug~ Maybe they’ll shave a few months off his sentence. Nikki was thinking of appealing the sentence – but the family must unite and stand up for him.

Jack and Phyllis are back at the office after a fun evening running around the park. Now it’s time for work. It’s late – no one’s here – we’re all alone, Jack locks the door.

Jill reminds Billy that she signed the house over to him with the proviso that she keep a suite and can drop by anytime. There’s also a loophole that she can take the house back anytime she wants.

At the club, Mike’s mind is on Adam’s case. Lauren’s just glad he wasn’t hurt at the courthouse. Mike’s not going anywhere ~kiss~

Back at Billy’s, Jill again threatens to take the house back. You’ve been neglecting Brash n Sassy (probably due to an entanglement) Billy basically tells Jill to mind her own business. OK – but tuck in your shirt and take me out to dinner. Jill can’t stand looking at the hideous paint colour any longer.

Still at Jabot, Jack comments that Phyllis isn’t in the mood – again. You feel guilty – for getting drunk at the cabin. Jack’s the one who should feel guilty for leaving her alone. Phyllis wants to forget everything that happened at the cabin. Jack’s oh so happy to have Phyllis in his arms. And she looks trapped as he unzips her dress.

No, we wouldn’t have to say we perjured ourselves, Nikki explains – we can’t change the facts. But we can say that we were too emotional. Vikki doesn’t think their testimony would sway the Judge. He needs to hear it from someone who hates Victor. Phyllis – and Nikki thinks Vikki can persuade her. Give it a shot.

Adam’s shaken hands with the devil before – he always wins. Victor says they’ll both win – both run Newman. Adam thinks it’s a shame Vikki’s underestimated. Victor adores Vikki – her one flaw is being susceptible to Billy. Adam has his own life, his own goals. Take your deal and go straight to hell. You’ll be back, Victor’s now talking to Adam’s back as he exits.

The Baldwins give Jill (and Billy) a warm welcome (with jokes about Bn S’s dip in sales) No, Billy won’t go to Vikki for advice. She has a new man in her life, Lauren blabs. Jill chuckles – Billy can fight for her.

Phyllis seems relieved when Vikki shows up at Jabot. Jack understands the Newman’s rallying around Victor. But no, Phyllis will NOT speak for Victor at the hearing. My answer’s ‘hell no’. After Vikki leaves, Phyllis is pissed – so much for showing me you love me. You took Victor’s side over mine.