Thursday, June 7th

Kevin hated Adam for a long time – what if it was Connor who died? But he’s moved on. Chelsea hopes he’s not sabotaging the investigation. Kevin reminds that Vikki’s the one who hired him over the oil spills. It was Mike who connected the mystery woman to Adam. Going on his laptop to perform one last ‘trick’, Kevin finds something immediately – this could be it.

Abby hates what Max is going through – but you don’t have to go through it alone. Talk to me – even if you blame me. I can handle it. Ben doesn’t want to drag Abby down. She wants to take a couple of days off. Ben loves what Abby’s trying to do – but work is what’s keeping him going right now. His pager going off, Ben gives Abby a kiss – see you at home.

The whole family would have to testify in front of the appeals committee – say that you were angry and wanted to teach Victor a lesson. The Judge needs to see a united front. Victor does too, Nikki adds.

Kevin’s found an image, but it’s not clear enough. Mike interviewed the prison staff and learned nothing. Who are you? Chelsea squints at the image on the monitor.

Why would Adam go along with Victor’s plan? Because you want to go home to your wife and son. Do you want to spend your life in prison, or working by my side?

Next: His actions are an excellent case for an appeal, Nikki believes. As in getting his conviction overturned? Vikki asks … He wants me to return to Newman, work for him, Adam grumbles …Billy gives Phyllis an ultimatum. It’s time to make a choice – will it be Jack or me?

My Thoughts: Oh you’ve GOT to be kidding me. Nikki again sees the man she loves because Victor didn’t kill Ian? Because he was thinking of his family? Not because murdering Ian might increase the sentence he’s already serving? Which Nikki now regrets having a part in? If she thinks Victor’s heroics will cancel out his 10 year sentence, why wouldn’t she think that Victor escaping custody from the courthouse might cancel out his heroics? … Did anybody miss Abby and Ben? Does anyone care if they stay together or split up? Can’t say that I do. And since Ben’s at the hospital, why not page him over the intercom instead of his pager?