Friday, July 8th

When Meredith visits, Victor offers to hire the best lawyers to represent her. Meredith knows Victor cared for her – but Nikki and your family means everything to you. It’s who you are. Victor calls Meredith a kind person.

Adam comes home to tell Chelsea and Kevin that Victor admitted the original journal pages are out there – the once in evidence are a fake. Kevin heads off to investigate, leaving Chelsea to wonder what Victor wants this time. He wants me back at Newman, Adam informs.

Your Father did all this to get you back at Newman? Adam would be tempted if they didn’t have Connor. He can’t reward Victor for framing him. I refused the offer. Chelsea disagrees – you’re better off at Newman than prison.

At the club, Mike’s managed to get Nikki’s divorce papers back from the Judge – but he wants reassurance that Nikki’s sure about her decision. You were done with him not too long ago. Nikki insists that she and Victor have found true forgiveness. OK – go burn these together, Mike sends her off with the divorce papers.

Spotting Vikki, Billy jumps up to meet her at the bar. Watching, Jill decides to use Brash n Sassy to get them back together. At the bar, Vikki tells Billy that she walked in on Jack and Phyllis behaving like newlyweds. Jack has a heart but not Phyllis (she won’t speak on Victor’s behalf) When Jill comes over, both women are puzzled when Billy marches off.

Back at Jabot, Jack thinks it a good thing that Victor’s family is rallying around him. Phyllis disagrees – he won’t get mercy from the woman he abused. Maybe YOU forgot he put a psycho in my bed but I can’t! Jack doesn’t understand why Phyllis is making this into a fight.

Jack doesn’t think supporting Vikki speaking for Victor means HE’S standing up for Victor. Frustrated and unwilling to connect the dots for her husband, Phyllis marches out.

Adam reminds Chelsea that she was once willing to move to Paris to escape Victor. Well, now it’s the only way to keep you out of prison. Isn’t that all that matters? Adam disagrees – and being around Victor will make him the man Chelsea doesn’t want to be around.

Mike and Lauren’s romantic moment over espresso is interrupted by Kevin – he’s been looking into safety deposit boxes – looking for the missing journal pages. Mike has no idea what Kev’s talking about. But if there’s a chance these pages exist… Mike heads off with Kevin to investigate.

Phyllis marches into Billy’s to whine about Vikki thinking she should forgive and defend Victor. When I said no, Jack think I’m being unreasonable. Billy thinks it time Phyllis made a choice – Jack or me?

Phyllis came for advice not an ultimatum – I need time. Jack doesn’t understand you, Billy would never expect Phyllis to forgive an enemy ~kiss~ Spotting Jill’s luggage, Phyllis worries she’ll catch them and tell the whole town. Oh wait – that’s exactly what you wanted!!

Jill joins Vikki to badger her about Billy and to warn her that standing behind Victor is a mistake – he’ll take you all down.