Friday, July 8th

Mike’s at the penthouse to scold Adam for not telling him about the original journal pages. They’ll reappear if Adam agrees to work at NE. Victor can prove Adam’s innocence – but can we beat him to it?

You reminded me that life is worth living, Victor says. Meredith thanks Victor – she feels free and might quit her job before they can fire her. Victor’s sure she’ll find another job. Meredith volunteers to speak to her Father on Victor’s behalf. When Nikki arrives, she and Meredith exchange pleasantries. Dr Gates is a gracious woman, Nikki says – then holds up an envelope. What shall we do with Newman vs Newman?

Victor jokes about filing the divorce papers for next time. There won’t be a next time, Nikki grins then rips them in half – oops ~kiss~ I love you so much.

Adam hopes Kevin can find the missing pages – proving Victor was framing Adam all along. Mike says there’s no time – Adam’s murder trial reconvenes next week.

Jill comes home to find Billy moping over a drink. It’s one thing to blow off dinner with your Mother but why is he pushing Vikki away? Vikki is your last best hope – for a chance at happiness. The sooner you see that, the better off you’ll be.

Phyllis is back at Jabot to apologize for storming out. Jack clarifies that he supports Phyllis NOT defending Victor. If I didn’t make it clear I’m 100% behind you, can you forgive me? Both are in tears.

Next: I’m not in the mood for this right now, Billy says as he opens his door. I think you really need to hear this, Cane replies…. Summer busts Luca – You were talking to a reporter about potential problems at Newman …Jack confronts Hilary – your lab results say you’re doing better. I don’t know what this sick routine is but it’s not gonna fly.

My Thoughts: I have nothing. Sometimes the show, with an entire team of educated, creative writers put out such a droll hour of shyte, is it any wonder I can’t drag any additional entertainment out of it? I can’t even bring myself to reread this tripe for typos. I’ve typed up last will and testaments that were more fun than this. I’m hitting submit and going outside 🙂 Have a great weekend everyone.