Monday, July 11th

Why are you so mean to me? When did I become the enemy? Devon complains to Hilary. Sure, he was upset that she confided in Jack – but he still loves her. Let me help you. Hilary guesses ‘they’ told him ‘it’s cheaper to keep me’. Talk to my lawyer. As Hilary marches off, Neil arrives to listen to Devon whine.

On the rooftop, Luca tells Summer that on old reporter friend of his is covering the Newman oil spills. He’s chatting up workers in Newfoundland. He trusts me – and that’s why Luca should go to Newfoundland instead of Nick (who doesn’t trust HIM) You can trust me, Luca gives her a kiss. We’ll go to the top – let Vikki decide how the proceed.

At the office, Vikki now speaks glowingly of her Father – she doesn’t expect an outsider to understand. An outsider, Travis can see Victor for who he is.

As Al the painter sets up, Billy and Cane bicker over Jill having the place repainted. Go Al. No, stay Al. I want you both gone by the time I get back, Billy leaves.

At Jabot, Jack had such a wonderful day with Phyllis yesterday that he wants to leave work early to spend more time together. Yes, she’ll even wear the lingerie he bought for her to wear on his birthday. Phyllis looks forward to it too (but is left with a look that speaks otherwise)

My Father doesn’t want revenge, he wants forgiveness, Vikki claims. You haven’t done anything that needs forgiveness – Travis is frustrated – Vikki’s blind when it comes to her Dad. He knows men like Victor. And the way Vikki’s handling this is like Victor – you’re better than this. I have work to do, Vikki dismisses Travis.

Neville and Ashley go over Hilary’s latest bloodwork – she’s making considerable progress (thanks to Ashley’s sacrifice) What’s next? A new trial with more patients. A working drug might mitigate the charges against Ashley. And give Hilary less reason to go after Jack. On cue, Hilary and Jack appear on the rooftop. You feeling OK? No, a weakened Hilary needs to reschedule. Jack then asks Neville and Ashley if the new protocol’s not working. Oh, it is – Hilary should be feeling better (and is probably waiting for her white knight to go knocking at her door) Borrowing the test results, Jack marches off.

Billy finds Phyllis at Jabot – he wants to finish their conversation – at his place. Jill caught us together, Phyllis reminds. She’s gone – and Billy wants Phyllis back. Stop it right now, Phyllis hisses.

You’re not supposed to be here – and Phyllis can’t drop everything to sneak around with Billy. He doesn’t want to sneak around either – or give her the time she wanted to think. She won’t cancel dinner with Jack. Billy doesn’t want Phyllis stringing him or Jack along. That kiss last night lead Billy to believe that Phyllis was going to tell Jack today. It’s time the world knows.

On the phone, Vikki instructs the company to give the workers a week off with pay – tell them not to talk to the press – tell them we’ll negotiate a new contract – that’ll keep them quiet for a bit. Luca arrives to say that Newman’s in no position to make promises it can’t keep; a new contract. Vikki’s doing what she needs to do. The company won’t suffer irreparable damage on her watch.

Devon’s sorry to whine to Neil (after what they put him through) Neil knows that he and Hilary have magic. It’s still there. Devon feels it is – but knows he’s crazy (after Hilary’s lies and backstabbing) Your love is as real as it gets, Neil thinks that’s why Devon can’t backstab her. Are you suggesting I reconcile with Hilary for real???