Monday, July 11th

Billy’s not happy to find the painter and Cane still at his place. The house is fine. Cane tells Al to take the rest of the day off and asks Billy what’s really going on here. This has nothing to do with paint.

Phyllis is fantasizing about Billy when Jack interrupts to say that for some people wedding vows are just words. He doesn’t want to wait til dinner – let’s have lunch, make a whole afternoon of it. No, I can’t, Phyllis is brisk.

At GCM, Neville and Ashley update Neil and Devon that Hilary is getting better (and was confronted by Jack) So this is all an act? Devon asks. The doctor comes out to say the lab’s mistaken. Hilary’s suffering a serious decline. Devon glares at a puzzled Neville.

Online at the office, Summer’s not happy to read that a rig worker is saying all the Newman’s give are empty promises and lies. They care about profits, not worker safety. They lost Luca’s friendly media contact in Newfoundland when Vikki decided to lie to buy time. Summer realizes that Luca was right – we should have owned it. Luca’s sorry – it’s playing out as he thought it would.

As Vikki and Travis get dressed, he encourages her to give up her stressful life like he did. Let’s go away together.

Jill needs to move on, live in the present, Billy isn’t impressed to hear that his Mom worries about him. Did she send you? No, Cane’s on Billy’s side – she doesn’t want you to hurt yourself and everyone around you.

Phyllis can’t go – but it’s not work. I’m fine. No, you’re not – what’s going on? Jack asks. There’s something I need to tell you.

Next: Adam’s with Victor. My son, I’ve got bad news for you. You’ve run out of options …. Vikki giggles as Travis twirls her around. We can set sail in a week, maybe two, he says …. Is everything alright? No, everything is very definitely NOT alright, Jack replies to Nikki.