Monday, July 11th

Knock. Knock. Oh, Hilary forgot to lock her door. She didn’t feel well so went straight to bed. Perching on the bed, Jack likes to think they can be honest with one another. How are you feeling? Tired, OK awful, Hilary doesn’t think the drug’s working. Odd, these results say you’re making a miraculous recovery. Jack doesn’t know what this sick act is but it won’t fly.

You’re not on the payroll, you don’t have a voice, Vikki snaps at Luca for not knocking. Luca feels his judgment calls during this crisis give him a right to say that Vikki’s handling this like Victor would. He may be behind the sabotage. Summer, of course, defends Grandpa. Vikki will handle things her way – now get back to work (she marches out)

You say you want this but it doesn’t happen, Billy grumbles – you ran to Jack’s arms after being held hostage. Do you want to be a good wife – or do you want to live?! I love you. Phyllis struggles with guilt (Jack loves her so much) Billy wonders if it’s more real for him than her. I’m out. I can’t do this. Phyllis is left in tears.

Jack wonders why Hilary pretended to be sick and left her door ajar. You think I’m faking? Jack’s made excuses for Hilary’s behavior – even that kiss. These test results say you’re fine. Why walk away from Devon? He loves you. It’s over, Hilary insists. Jack makes it clear – we’re friends and this right here threatens that friendship. This has got to stop, he slams out.

Devon wonders if the drugs Hilary’s on are responsible for the way she’s acting. Neil suggests he forget about what Lily and Cane say; don’t pretend to save the relationship – save it. Devon didn’t expect that and appreciates it. He’d do anything to get back with the woman he loves. Hilary wobbles down to say something’s wrong – I need to go to the hospital. Devon catches her as she falls.

Luca has the utmost respect to Vikki, but making promises she can’t keep to workers isn’t her best judgment call. What should we do? Summer wonders. Focus on the big picture, earn good will – own the problem. Address safety concerns – let the workers know we’re on their side. Business should be conducted honestly for all concerned. Whatever doubts Summer had are now erased. Thank God we have you to help with whatever comes next ~hug~

Vikki shows up at Hank’s to say that she is her Father’s daughter after all. No, you wouldn’t be here if you were, Travis gives her a kiss and hoists her onto the pool table.