Tuesday, July 12th

At Hank’s, Travis tries to coerce Vikki into escaping with him – an emotional and physical time-out she needs desperately.

Billy’s on the phone asking the nanny to bring the kids over so he can spend the rest of the day with them – he’ll let Vikki know there’s been a change of plans. Billy tells Cane that his Mom can think what she wants – but he’s a good Dad.

Jack encourages Phyllis to confide what’s troubling her. I’m not the person you think I am, she confesses.

Handcuffed to his bed, Victor listens as Nikki updates that Vikki will be the one to approach Phyllis (about testifying at the appeal) Abby’s onboard and Nick will be too (when he returns to town) That leaves Adam.

At the penthouse, Chelsea tells Adam that Kevin’s been trying hard but wasn’t able to find anything to prove his innocence. Maybe Adam will have to take Victor’s deal and go back to NE. An angry Dylan arrives to shout ‘no more favours, you two are on your own!’

Dylan rants about Walworth’s system being hacked – on the very same days Mike asked him to look at the visitor logs – as a favour for YOU (Adam) Now I’m complicit in a federal crime. It’s no coincidence that Mike’s brother is a hacker. Maybe Victor hired someone, Chelsea suggests weakly. Dylan knows they’re behind it, and will prove it! Adam and Chelsea are left to feel guilty, but we had no choice. Adam decides to take Victor’s deal.

Vikki can’t leave; she has a job, responsibilities. Travis did too – but if he hadn’t bought the bar, he wouldn’t have met her. So we just fly off? No – we set sail; 3 months, maybe 6. The kids? Bring them with us. It’ll be fun. We’ll work something out with Billy. Vikki thinks it a ridiculous idea. Stop bombarding me. Go think about it – Travis is sure she’ll be back with a suitcase.

Phyllis shrugs Jack off – it won’t be OK. It may never be OK. Jack’s never seen Phyllis so stressed. I know why, he surprises her.

Having called for permission to see Victor, Adam pauses. Chelsea thanks him – you’re doing this for us and our family. Adam wonders how she manages to make unbearable situations bearable ~kiss~

As Cane gets Johnny and Katie (now a toddler) to pick a colour to paint their Dad’s place, Billy flashes back to telling Phyllis that he’s done.

Jack’s seen Phyllis with Billy – both of them fueled by revenge against Victor. And now he, of all people, was the one to save her from Ian. It must feel like the whole world’s against you. Isn’t that it? Yeah, Phyllis tears up. I haven’t been what you’ve needed – you deserve better, Jack says. No, you deserve better, Phyllis replies.

At GCM, Adam tells Nikki that Victor’s appeal is the last thing on his mind (reminding her that he’s on trial for murder) He then goes into Victor’s room to concede defeat – you win.