Tuesday, July 12th

At the revolving door, Phyllis gives Jack a tender kiss and heads upstairs. Nikki asks Jack if he’s alright. No, everything definitely is NOT alright, he scowls.

Sipping water at the bar, Jack doesn’t know what to say to his supportive friend Nikki. Phyllis has moved out temporarily. How temporarily remains to be seen. There was no fight or affair – she’s lost. Jack must give Phyllis time or lose her. He wants Nikki to be happy – but let’s call a spade a spade. Victor putting a stranger in Phyllis’ wedding bed has affected her forever, and Jack will never forgive him.

Upstairs, in her suite, Phyllis is about to make a call but changes her mind and throws her phone at the wall to sob.

Vikki arrives as Billy’s supervising the kids painting. Got an extra paint brush?

What if it’s more bogus evidence against me? Adam worries. Chelsea thinks it good news – the phone will ring and this will all be over.

Gloves on, a uniformed cop watching, Dylan removes an envelope from a locker.

Victor looks up from his hospital bed – what the hell are you doing here?

Next: Sharon barks at Dylan – What did Kevin say to you? Please, forget about what he said! … Who’s your little buddy Victor? Natalie works on her laptop – ‘boom’ … How long until you’re cleared? Chelsea asks. Victor screwed me over again, Adam replies.

My Thoughts: Just a few weeks ago, Vikki was so determined that Billy stick to the visitation schedule that she had him re-sign it. There was also to be no more popping in and out of one another’s homes. Now she’s OK with Billy getting the nanny to drop the kids off on a whim? That’s not how a visitation schedule works. That said, there’s a thing called ‘first refusal’. If the kids aren’t with one parent, the other parent has the option to spend time with them. The kids see more of Hanah than either Vikki or Billy (and I don’t think they’d recognize Grandma Jill) … Nice boat Travis is buying but it’s hardly big enough to keep two toddlers occupied. He’s never even met the kids. Why not just take Vikki and the kids on a cruise? Travis loves Vikki but not enough to stick around for her? … Cane and Billy are hardly dressed to paint (in yellow no less) Why does a contractor need to bring swatches? Billy can’t go to Home Depot? … Good luck going over that dark blue with yellow without a few coats of primer. Billy should just ask Jill what colour she’d like him to paint the house she gave him…. If Chloe’s at the end of Victor’s bed, how did she sneak in? What’s the point of posting a guard outside his room? … Geesh. Phyllis has only been in her room for 2 minutes and she’s broken something. Lily won’t like that (nor will she like that Jack will be fair game for Hilary)