Wednesday, July 13th

Chelsea’s ready to celebrate with champagne – Dylan must have been called away because Victor’s coughed up the real journal pages. I had to sell my soul to the devil, Adam whines. As an optimistic Chelsea pops the cork, Mike arrives. Adam’s as good as free, she announces.

Dylan’s pulled a large yellow envelope from a locker as Sharon calls. He can’t come home to continue the picnic – he needs to meet Kevin. Kevin!? Yes, Dylan must find out if he’s being lied to. I gotta go ~click~ Sharon’s in a panic when Mariah walks in – thanks to your friend, my husband will never forgive me.

At CL’s, Kevin’s busy trying to find out who Victor’s mystery woman. Two people are being set up; Adam and Natalie (for hacking) How can this woman avoid every camera in town? She’s working for Victor – anything’s possible, Kevin knows.

In Victor’s room, Chloe doesn’t understand why Victor testified on the stand that Adam’s not a murderer. He didn’t murder Constance. No, but he killed Delia.

Kevin won’t say anything, Mariah’s sure. What does Dylan want to see him about? Sharon’s sure Kevin will blab that she went off her meds and hit Mariah. Then it’ll come out that Sully is Christian!! Mariah thinks Sharon’s overreacting. You ARE back on your meds right? Calm down. Go to your happy place. The only way Dylan will find out is if you tell him. OK – but talk to Kevin, Sharon insists.

Kevin continues to look for the mystery woman’s digital trial. Natalie will help. Dylan arrives – needing Kevin to trace an anonymous tip received on Adam’s case. Was it a man or woman? Kevin wonders.

Chloe wants to know why Victor had her frame Adam – then defended him in court. You’re playing me. Victor told Chloe to go away and start a new life. The agreement is now null and void – Chloe’s staying in GC to ensure Adam pays this time.

Adam tells Mike about his deal with Victor – evidence is supposed to appear – Dylan got a call. Mike wonders why Adam doesn’t look optimistic. What kind of evidence are we talking? The real pages from Sage’s journal. OK, Mike will go arrange for forensic experts to test the ink etc. He agrees with Chelsea – Adam’s better off out of a cell. Chelsea’s left to placate a depressed Adam.

Over champagne, Chelsea and Adam now joke and look forward to their life together. Now it’s time for clothes to come off ~kiss~

Whoever called in the tip used a voice distorter – it could be male or female, Dylan updates. Mike then arrives to ask Dylan about the lead on his client. He needs it per ‘discovery’. There is no evidence. It was an empty envelope. As Dylan heads off to find out who played him, Mike leaves Adam a message with the bad news. Kevin’s big announcement is anti-climatic- the tip came in from a burner phone. Now Dylan’s off for a picnic with his wife. Kevin thinks that a great idea.