Tuesday, July 12th

Victor’s pleased but wants Adam to come back to NE fully committed. Adam’s a man of his word – now what about the diary pages? They’ll appear when the trial resumes, Victor says. Adam needs more reassurance. Victor has none – and you’re out of options.

At the club, Chelsea watches Nikki with Dylan (she wonders how he feels about her reconciling with Victor)

Adam thanks Victor for reminding him what it’s like to be his puppet. You have no idea what ‘unconditional’ means. It means nothing to Victor – everything must be earned; even a son’s acceptance. See you at the office, Adam bumps into Vikki as he storms out. Sure, he’ll help with the appeal. That’s what family’s for. He’s all yours, Adam marches off. Victor tells Vikki that he’s glad he can count on Adam as he can her. Question is, can I count on you? Vikki wonders.

Jack carries on about how lucky he is. Phyllis had no regret when marrying Jack. You have regret now? Phyllis isn’t sure – she feels like she’s lost herself. The person who said those vows is a stranger. In tears, Phyllis has no idea what she needs. What do we do? Jack asks. Are you saying you need a break from us? Jack asks.

Of course you can count on me, Victor says. His plans after being released? Dinner with Nikki. And what are his plans with the company? Victor wants Vikki on his team – but yes, of course he’ll reclaim his position as CEO. The oil fiasco indicates that Vikki needs more experience. Victor will find a position in which she’ll shine. Giving her Dad a kiss, Vikki’s glad things are clear. In the hallway, she looks furious.

Chelsea sits to spy on Dylan as Nikki understands why he would think being with Victor is a mistake. Not surprised, Dylan just wants his Mom to be happy. Getting a call, Dylan hurries out. Chelsea pounces, but gets no details other than that it is indeed a lead on Adam’s case.

Jack wants to help Phyllis but doesn’t know how. Do you want me to move out? No, Phyllis will get a suite at the club. It’s her mistake. You’ve done nothing wrong, Jack says. Phyllis continues to say she’s sorry.

Vikki joins Billy and the kids at CL’s. They’ve been painting. Oh how Billy loves being a Dad. He doesn’t want to miss any of it.

Back at the penthouse, Adam’s still fuming about Victor – he didn’t commit to anything. Chelsea thinks he did – Dylan just ran out to follow a lead in your case. After I talked to Victor, Adam confirms. Yes – this could be it, Chelsea thinks – the evidence to clear your name.

At Hank’s, Travis shows Vikki a photo of a sailboat he plans to buy. Her name? Live Beauty. He’s found a buyer for the bar too. Vikki agrees that her Father plans to pull the rug out from under her at NE. And this could be an experience the kids will never forget. But – she can’t do it to Billy. He lives for the kids. Travis gives her a sad kiss – that was goodbye. I love you. Maybe I’ll be back – save a dance for me. Good luck. You too.

Never mind waiting for the contractor, Cane and Billy decide it’s time to paint (with the kids)