Wednesday, July 13th

Sharon coos to a sleeping Sully. I’ll always be your Mommy. Even if they find out, we’ll go away somewhere. I’ll make Dylan understand. You’re the baby he deserves. We’ll all be together.

Victor tells Chloe that she can’t stay in town. Someone will see you out of the psychiatric facility. Chloe’s not insane for wanting to kill Adam. He must pay. Victor reminds that it’s a crime to frame Adam. If you go to jail, what will happen to your beautiful little daughter?

Dylan’s home – maybe he’s too close to it and doesn’t want to see it. A panicked Sharon tells him that Kevin can’t be trusted. Don’t believe what he says! Since when did you feel this way about Kevin? Dylan’s puzzled.

Back at CL’s, Kevin’s frustrated at not being able to trace the burner phone. Mariah marches in – surprised to see Natalie. After some bickering, Mariah drags Kevin onto the patio (sure that he did indeed blab Sharon’s secret to Dylan)

Post coitus, Adam listens to Mike’s message. Victor screwed me over again.

Being with your daughter is important. I took good care of her when you were hospitalized, Victor reminds. Little Bella will never know Delia because of Adam, Chloe points out. Victor says the evidence against Adam is overwhelming – thanks to you. Don’t ruin everything. Mike barges in – Victor? We need to talk. Chloe’s back is turned as she pretends to be sorting medical supplies.

Sharon lists how Kevin’s hurt Mariah. He’s a good guy with good instincts, Dylan knows – his hacking has helped the department a lot. Dylan knows when there’s more to a story than he’s getting. Sully will probably have a built-in lie detector, like his old man (and Paul)

Mariah blasts Kevin – our friendship means nothing to you. I shouldn’t have trusted you. I didn’t rat out Sharon, Kevin didn’t betray her or Mariah. He relays his conversation with Dylan (who’s home having a picnic with his wife) Inside, Natalie finally sees an image of the mystery woman she can work with.

Chloe listens as Mike hisses to Victor – you know where the journal pages are. I know all about the deal. Really? Mike turns, annoyed that the ‘nurse’ isn’t leaving the room. You built Adam’s hopes up just to crush him? He won’t forget it and I won’t either. Victor couldn’t care less. After Mike slams out, Victor asks Chloe where the pages are.

The pages? Maybe Chloe has them in a safe place – so no one will never know that there’s proof Adam didn’t kill that old lady. That would be so devious of me. Victor knows Chloe’s a little cuckoo but you’re playing a dangerous game. Chloe talks about the future Delia will miss. This is justice. Adam will go to jail. I DO have those pages. Victor understands Chloe’s pain – but threatens to take her daughter if she doesn’t cooperate.

Chelsea and Adam are devastated. Victor won. Both thought this was going to be over today.