Thursday, July 14th

Jack’s summoned Neil to the club to update his pal that Phyllis has moved in upstairs – she needs time alone. But Jack wants to talk to Neil about letting Hilary go.

Yes, Devon’s still at Hilary’s bedside – where else would he be? And when Neville comes in to see his patient, Devon demands to know what he intends to do about this.

Lily’s been summoned upstairs for a surprise romantic getaway in a candle filled suite, where Cane greets her with his shirt unbuttoned.

Sharon and Dylan are at the rooftop for a nightcap (her idea of some much needed alone time) They go over to chat with Abby – and reassure her that the problems with Ben aren’t her fault.

At GCM, Ben tries to brush off a nosy Ashley. She wants to talk about Abby; she says you’ve been distant.

Abby thinks you blame her for what happened to Max, Ashley informs Ben. Of course, she should ‘dump this on me’ – I’m her Mother. I told her to have faith in her marriage. Was that wrong? Ben doesn’t blame Abby, he blames himself – and is terrified Max won’t recover. Confide in Abby, Ashley implores. Go talk to her.

Stitch isn’t trying to shut you out – he doesn’t blame you, Dylan tells Abby not to give up on him. Sharon and I have no secrets – everything’s out in the open. You can’t have a strong marriage without honesty. Sharon’s face is a smiling mask.

As Lily starts to whine about Devon and Hilary, Cane kisses her and removes Mrs Ashby’s dress. This is no quickie – it’s time to make love.

Jack tells Neil that Hilary crossed the line by kissing him and is faking illness to get his attention. Jack must focus on the foundation. As much as Neil hates to defend Hilary, he just came from GCM. Hilary may not recover from this.

As Hilary throws Neville out of her room, Ashley comes to escort him out. In the hallway, she refuses to talk to Hilary again until Neville tells her the truth about what’s going on.

Putting her dress back on, Lily must get back to her real guests (and wants Cane to watch her work) Then then can come back up later to take their time. Oh how in love the Ashby’s are. Off comes the dress again. Later, Lily says as she backs Cane off.

Ben arrives on the deck to join Abby and the McAvoy’s. Dinner? Ben could use a drink. A double date decided, the boys chat at the bar. No, Dylan isn’t tag teaming Ben with Ashley – maybe we both think you need to talk to Abby. Tell her you’re scared. Ben will – after a few drinks. Across the pool, Abby confides in Sharon – she’s encouraged that Ben’s here, but doesn’t want to push him away. Sharon thinks Abby shouldn’t push Ben – some things are best left unmentioned.