Wednesday, July 13th

Mariah’s sorry she jumped to the wrong conclusion about Kevin. I’m a jerk. So are you. Kevin knows about distrust and appreciates Mariah defending him to Sharon. Natalie interrupts the drama – I found something you want to see.

Dylan, Sharon and Faith are enjoying their picnic in the living room when Faith decides to take Sage to her summer camp. You know she’s gone, Dylan gently reminds. Faith sees her every day – and so does Mommy.

I’ll be right back, Faith runs upstairs. And as Dylan questions Sharon, Faith runs up to get a photo of Sage. She’ll always be with us.

Mike returns to update that Dylan found an empty envelope in a locker. Victor didn’t react. It’s time to approach Chris with a plea. There must be another way, Chelsea insists. No, Adam’s ready to make a deal.

Mariah and Kevin squint into the laptop. The mystery woman’s wearing a wig, Natalie’s realized.

How does that handcuff feel? Chloe’s free and can burn the pages before Victor can summon a nurse. It’s win-win. Thanks. This really worked out great. Victor again tells Chloe that she’s playing a dangerous game. As she exits.

Next: Ben tries to brush Ashley off. No, no – tell me what’s going on with you, she grabs his arm …. Cane and Lily make out in a candle-lit suite … Hilary’s not pretending here. She’s not improving, Neil tells Jack.