Thursday, July 14th

Jack saw the results – they indicate Hilary’s doing better. Neil doesn’t think Jack should feel bad – his life would be easier if Hilary was gone. But it might not be the best move right now. Lily (with Cane) appears to overhear.

Why do your lab results show that Hilary’s getting better? Ashley asks – when she’s suffering a decline. Neville thinks it some kind of delayed reaction. You really think I’d adjust the results?? Well, did you? (Ashley clearly does suspect Neville)

Neil coaches Jack on mending fences with Phyllis and shakes his hand (firing Hilary has been tabled) We’re in this together, Neil shakes Jack’s hand. Did I just hear you talk Jack OUT of firing Hilary? Lily’s incredulous. She’s sick, Neil explains. No, the treatment’s not working and Neville doesn’t seem to know why.

Back at GCM, Neville IS being honest with Ashley – you’ve GOT to believe me. He’s only guilty of having too much hope. I want to save Hilary more than anything. Were you aware of any side effects? Ashley scolds Neville for rushing the study to get FDA approval – to use the new treatment on new patients. Ashley’s livid that she put her reputation on the line for Neville – and we’re no further ahead than when I first covered your ass!

Devon offers to fly some Chinese in from New York; that place Hilary likes. Thanks, but she’ll pass. You don’t have to stay. Devon wants to stay with his wife – you need me. I don’t, Hilary says, but smiles when Devon refuses to let her go through this alone.

Poolside, the McAvoy’s and the Rayburn’s are having a wonderful evening as they laugh it up. Sharon sobers things up by retelling something funny Sully did – you know how boys can boy. Oops – sorry.

Sharon stammers about being insensitive. The Rayburns are OK and left to have a much-needed conversation (that neither wants to start as they sit in awkward silence)

Cane and Lily decline meeting Neil at GCM later (for Devon’s sake) Lily wouldn’t wish illness on Hilary but hasn’t forgiven her and is annoyed to realize that Devon’s allowing himself to be used.

Outside Hilary’s room, Jack scolds Ashley – he accused Hilary of faking illness based on results SHE stood behind. Ashley’s sorry – I was wrong. As Devon’s pledging his support to a scared Hilary, Jack arrives (with Ashley) to apologize. Hilary understands and blames Neville – that man’s trying to kill me. Ashley thinks that ridiculous. Neville wants to save your life – again. Devon’s bringing in a new doctor. Stop defending Neville before he drags you down with him, he warns Ashley.

Ashley joins Neville at the club’s bar for a drink. He understands why she’s done with him but never meant to be reckless with Hilary’s life. If only he could continue treating her (assuming another doctor’s being brought in) Neville can’t blame Hilary – I betrayed her trust and should resign. Worst of all, you’ve lost faith in me. Not entirely, Ashley replies.

Lily grumbles to Cane about Devon running to Hilary’s side. I want her to make a full recovery and Devon to move on. Cane reminds that 7 years ago, Lily was diagnosed with cancer and fought for their relationship. Devon fears for the woman he loves too.

In the hallway, Jack’s attempt to reassure Devon is rejected (basically, focus on your wife and I’ll take care of mine you old geezer)

At home, Dylan tells Sharon not to beat herself up. Ben and Abby will talk out there problems. You’re such a good man, Sharon looks over at the photo of Sage – I don’t deserve you. She then gets an idea – music – may I have this dance? A worried Sharon clings to Dylan.

Abby breaks the awkward silence – there’s something she needs to say to Ben.