Thursday, July 14th

You’re not finished with me yet, Ashley clinks Neville’s glass and guzzles her drink. Convince Hilary to accept your help. You are the only one who can save her, Ash believes.

Giving Hilary an ice pack, Devon asks how she likes the new doctor. He’s OK – talks a good game, Hilary says, then grabs Devon’s hand as he’s about to leave. I’m glad you’re here. We’ll get through this together, Devon assures.

Outside Phyllis’ door, Jack doesn’t knock and decides not to hit ‘send’ on his ‘good night. I love you’ text. Instead, he leaves.

Abby’s enjoyed tonight. Really? Ben’s surprised. But he too has missed this ~kiss~

Swaying in Dylan’s arms, Sharon continues to look over at Sage’s photo on the mantel (beside the baby monitor and photos of Sully etc.) Unaware, Dylan undoes Sharon’s dress. And now it’s time to make out on the sofa.

Next: Chloe looks at a photo of Delia – it’s a big day for us ‘Dee’, a big, big day …. Nikki’s with Dylan in Victor’s room as he says – If you have any desire to save your son, now’s the time … Mike tells Natalie (and presumably Kevin) that Adam’s taking the plea. The elevator doors close on Adam and his guard)

My Thoughts: I wonder if that’s the same suite Lily cheated on Cane in when she slept with his old pal Joe Clark – twice. And if you’re on the clock and being paid for your time – and you use that time to have sex, that kinda makes you a prostitute Lily …. The wardrobe department must have just discovered velcro. Both Lily and Sharon’s dresses fell off awfully quickly. Perhaps it’s Chelsea’s new line of f****** frocks …. How’d you find me? Neville asks. Deductive reasoning, Ashley replies. But really, if one’s not at the coffee house, he or she MUST be at the club. Top of the Tower seems to have been forgotten about and it’s too late for the park’s cafe (which consists of a few tables scattered about) to be open. And whatever happened to Delia’s tree? … Ashley didn’t just risk her reputation, she risked her career and freedom. Isn’t it illegal to doctor lab results? (no pun intended) At the very least, you’d think the patients who almost died would have sued the pants off Neville, Devon and anyone connected with his sketchy treatment. Another thing that should be a big deal is the Newman oil spills. Why isn’t anyone looking into this ecological disaster except Nick and Luca? Wouldn’t some environmentalist department be curious? … Abby and Ben’s scenes seem completely pointless. Those of us who didn’t care at the beginning sure don’t care any more now. And why is Abby and Sharon so friendly? Are we supposed to forget the years of animosity between them? And neither one of them should ever, EVER try to tell jokes. It was painful to watch.