Friday, July 15th

But when I do this or this (Natalie kisses Kevin) Mariah will be hovering. We’re geniuses, Kevin reminds – we’ll figure it out. As he too gets an alert re: Adam, Dylan appears to ask Kevin about the page (and is annoyed that he’s already aware they exist) We can’t have secrets if we work together! Dylan’s further frustrated to hear a woman in a wig’s been visiting Victor (and that Natalie IS the one hacking into Walworth’s cameras)

Still at CL’s, Kevin can’t access the bus station’s live cameras – they’re off. Dylan wants to tie the woman in the wig to bus station surveillance footage – but it must be by the book. Go to the station, Dylan will go get the warrant and call ahead. On the patio, he pauses to chat with Mariah (who’s moving out)

Watching Mariah and Dylan, Natalie insists in going with Kevin to go over surveillance footage – we’ll probably have to stay overnight in a hotel ~kiss~

At GCM, Chelsea grabs a nurses’ cart and pockets a tiny knife. Nikki comes out to say she’s sorry – are you here to confront Victor? He has nothing to do with this and is devastated he can’t help Adam. Chelsea’s there to apologize to Victor for projecting her fear. I need to make amends. Nikki grants Chelsea a few minutes with Victor – go ahead.

Kevin tosses the keys to Mariah. He and Natalie are going away on business. And pleasure, Natalie adds. Make yourself at home – everything will be as it was, a cheery Kev leaves Mariah looking completely alone and dejected.

Is Dylan home to finish what he started with Sharon? No – he’s there to find out why Mariah’s moving out. She moved back in with Kevin, Sharon’s happy to report – but not happy to hear that Adam’s been sentenced to 30 years. He doesn’t belong there, Dylan claims.

In his cell and prison-issued blue denims, Adam sits on his bunk to mope. Meanwhile, Chelsea bursts into Victor’s room and brandishes the tiny knife – tell me where the journal pages are you lying bastard.

Next: So you’re with us against Luca? Yes, Dad told me to keep my ears open and he was right… OK, let me take care of this first – Paul walks into Victor’s room (as Chelsea hides the knife behind her back.

My Thoughts: Victor may not know where the journal pages are, but why didn’t Nikki notice that he admitted they exist by NOT saying ‘Pages? What pages?’ How could he possibly know they existed if he wasn’t involved? Just testifying that there are original pages out there somewhere would be enough for reasonable doubt or to at least buy Adam some time. Nikki can’t be too surprised when she finds out Victor’s lied to her again … Lois the reporter is a cross between Edith Bunker and Ester. Where has she been all this time? Why hasn’t she been pestering at GCM pestering Victor? …. Dylan’s supposedly in a hurry to get a warrant – until he bumps into Mariah. Then he’s in no hurry at all … That knife is pretty tiny. Chelsea’d be lucky to inflict more than a paper-cut before Victor would be able to alert the staff. Of course, if GCM had buttons to on the bed press to summon a nurse, yet another hostage situation could be avoided.