Friday, July 15th

In the courtroom, Chris tells Mike that he made the right decision. But my client is innocent, Mike isn’t happy. He then instructs Adam on how to plead guilty. It’s a step – this doesn’t have to be the end. Let’s get it over with, Adam sighs. In the hallway, Chelsea begs Dylan to help Adam (then blabs that the journal pages are out that; Victor was behind the tip) Something happened to change Victor’s mind. Chelsea’s relieved when Dylan agrees to go see Victor.

Sharon’s just saying that she doesn’t need Mariah to watch over her anymore. Mariah wants Sharon to admit that she’s a reminder. If I leave, I take the secret with me right? OK – maybe a little. When Sharon goes up to tend to Sully, Mariah calls Kevin to ask for her old room back (news that doesn’t please Natalie)

At GCM, Dylan confronts Victor with the deal he made Adam. Mike made the same accusations, Victor calls it nonsense. Adam’s about to be sent to Walworth with you. If you have any desire to help your son, now’s the time, Dylan concludes. Nikki looks at Victor in surprise.

You’re my rock, Sharon insists. But OK, she worries Dylan will pick up on something or walks in on us discussing the secret. Mariah’s moving out – she’s not used to being in a party of five anyway. Hearing she’s moving back in with Kevin, Sharon happily decides they’re both going back to the way things were before Sage’s accident ~hug~

As Nikki remains at Victor’s side, he denies the story Chelsea told Dylan. She’s sure Victor would cough up these journal pages if he could to save Adam. He loves his son. He doesn’t want him ripped away from his wife and son. Not convinced, Dylan steps out to send a text.

Walking into the courthouse, Chelsea gets and relays the bad news to Mike and Adam. Victor’s sticking to his story. The Judge then comes in to ask Adam to rise. Do you consider it to be in your best interest to plead guilty? Do you understand you’ll be treated as guilty whether or not you admit guilt? Adam does (and pleads guilty – but I didn’t do it) The plea bargain is in effect. Adam’s sentenced to 30 years effective immediately. In the hallway, Chloe watches from afar as Lois the intrepid reporter accosts Adam and his entourage as they file out.

As Adam’s led off, the press descends on Chelsea – who claims her husband is innocent and she’ll find evidence to prove it. Mrs Newman!! the reporters give chase as Chloe’s left to smirk.

We have forever, Nikki promises to return before Victor’s transported. She then gets an alert on her phone – Adam took the deal. He’s on his way to Walworth. Victor would have saved him but doesn’t know where the journal pages are. Nikki believes him ~kiss~