Tuesday, July 19th

At NE, Nick won’t back out of speaking at Dad’s appeal. He’s not as convinced as Vikki that he’s changed. On to Summer – she’s strong and determined to deal with Luca himself. Vikki just had a talk with Luca – he might have real feelings for Summer.

On the rooftop, Luca tells Summer that he’s been lying to her – how he used her to further his own agenda at NE. He even convinced Summer that he loved her. But something changed. The feelings he pretended to have became real. And when did he realize that? Yesterday. Luca can’t lose the best thing that’s happened to him.

You walked out – left me alone, Phyllis reminds Billy that he said he was done. We’re just getting started, Billy kisses Phyllis passionately – as Jack knocks on the door.

Phyllis opens the door – what are you doing here? Jack heard she had a headache – you OK? Billy hides and listens as Jack claims he’s not trying to crowd Phyllis – but you’re always in my thoughts. I love you. Phyllis would never forget that. Are you thinking about divorce? That wasn’t my intention – Phyllis wants to find herself. She doesn’t know where this is going. I want to be by myself – shut everyone out. Jack should go. Yeah, you should. He’s going because he loves Phyllis enough to give her what she wants. Billy comes out to wonder if some of that was meant for him. All of it was, Phyllis confirms.

Abby and Ben exchange I love you’s and a kiss. But as Abby kisses him, Ben suddenly remembers an appointment. Gotta go ~kiss~ Ben runs out.

Nick’s sure Summer will break up with Luca. Vikki’s not so sure. Her feelings can’t be turned off like a light. Are we talking about Summer, or you? Nick wonders.

Summer knew what Luca was up to – she set HIM up. The firing was staged. You played me – well done, Luca chuckles. He’s surprised Summer would do this but relieved her job at Newman’s secure. Even if she offered him a position, he wouldn’t take it. The company came between us. As Summer leaves, Luca stops her – do we still have a chance?

Summer planned to confront then dump Luca – she was expecting more lies, not a declaration. But how can she believe or trust him? Luca doesn’t know how to be more honest. Take some time. Luca will be hoping and waiting.

Vikki tells Nick that she ended things with Travis. He wanted to take me away. The kids? He wanted to take them too. He wanted to sail around the world. It’s crazy. But she couldn’t do that to Billy or JT (take the kids)