Wednesday, July 20th

At the club, Luca tells Nick that he and Summer both came clean. I love your daughter. Prove it – leave town, Nick orders.

On the rooftop, Summer can’t believe that her Mom left Jack. Phyllis needs time to think. It’s not what Jack did, it’s what I did.

In his office, Jack’s on the phone questioning why Phyllis’ flight to Montreal isn’t recorded. She never got on the plane, he learns. I think Phyllis has been lying to me, he says when Ashley arrives.

In Hilary’s room, Devon has her smiling until Neville walks in to say that he might be the only chance to save Hilary. She won’t give him another chance to kill her.

As usual, Lily’s griping about Hilary. Cane has to go help Jill renovate Kay’s house – and then he has a surprise for Lily ~kiss~

At home, Billy denies he sold Brash n Sassy. IF it’s true, this is a hostile takeover. It’s NEVER too late, he tells a furious Vikki.

You can’t control Summer – if she forgives me, Luca knows they won’t be kept apart. Nick insists Luca leave Summer if he cares about her. Victor will be out soon and he doesn’t trust you. Do you want to ruin Summer’s relationship with her grandfather?

It’s complicated, Phyllis won’t say what she did wrong. Things have been strained between her and Jack – and she can’t forgive Victor. Jack understands – he’s being wonderful. Love isn’t enough if a couple wants different things.

Jack has to wonder if Phyllis even had an investors meeting. You think she robbed a bank? Is having a torrid affair? Ashley’s joking. Jack is NOT.

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Vikki’s not buying Billy’s hostile takeover story. Maybe he’s pissed off because Victor might be out tomorrow. When Cane arrives to look at paint samples on the wall, Billy accuses him of stealing his company. Cane laughs when Billy punches him – and punches him back.

Phyllis hopes to learn from her ‘grounded’ daughter before it’s too late. Mom? Summer’s left wondering – and thinking about Luca’s confession earlier. And here he is – we need to talk. You’re a Newman, entitled to your birthright. Luca is saying goodbye.

Neville pleads – all he’s done is try to restore Hilary’s health. I can adjust the protocol. Devon won’t let his wife be used as a guinea-pig. Dr Shelby comes in to say that Neville’s privileges have been revoked. Get out.

As Vikki referees, Cane says ‘this is business’. Billy was negligent by taking on too much debt. Cane saw an opportunity to consolidate the debt. Billy’s a gambler – and he lost. Vikki tells Cane that she’s the only one who knows how to run Brash n Sassy. This isn’t the first time Mom’s replaced you with me, Cane says – you’re out, I’m in. After Cane leaves, Vikki has to agree that it’s Billy’s fault.

Assuring Jack that Phyllis isn’t having an affair, Ashley suggests he give her time – and don’t bring this up to Phyllis (who, of course, arrives)

Ashley was just talking to Jack about the classic line. Yes, she was just leaving. Now alone with Jack, Phyllis asks him to talk to her. He asks why her flight to Montreal isn’t on the record. What aren’t you telling me? Phyllis claims she flew commercial – she didn’t want to waste fuel. Jack’s sorry, and wants to say more but Phyllis cuts him off. She’s left surprised when Jack marches off to a meeting.

Back on the rooftop, Summer tells Luca that he can’t just leave. Luca won’t be responsible for turning her grandfather against her – Victor might get out tomorrow. Nick’s right – as long as you’re with me, Victor won’t trust you. Luca’s taking a suite at the club until he can arrange to go back to Madrid. As Summer protests, Nick arrives – let him go.