Tuesday, July 19th

At the club, Abby reports in to her Mom – she and Ben reconnected. It was great until she opened her big mouth. Ben doesn’t want to have another baby with me. Ashley wonders if Abby was testing Ben. Abby wanted confirmation – but now they’ve grown further apart. Ashley discourages Abby from pushing for a baby. It won’t be a fix. Did you talk about it? We couldn’t – Ben had to go to work.

Ben’s at CL’s – looking very alone and in shock.

Nick approaches Luca in the restaurant – need the name of a travel agent? It’s not over with Summer, Luca thinks he still has a shot and will fight for her. Count on it.

On the rooftop, Phyllis joins Summer – what did Luca do to you? Lied to me – used me, Summer pouts – but he also admitted to everything and asked for forgiveness. No, Summer hasn’t forgiven him – yet. I loved him. Maybe I still do. She knows her Mom will say don’t waste time with someone not right for you. You’re in a perfect relationship, Summer says – then is told that her Mom’s moved to the club. For how long? Indefinitely.

Seconds after Billy comes home, Vikki barges in to blast him for selling Brash n Sassy. Huh? this is news to Billy. Well it’s all over the news, Vikki shows him – the company I started is now in the hands of some stranger thanks to you.

As Jack’s signing off on business expenses, he notices a mistake re: the company jet. My wife used the jet to go Montreal on the 17th. Nope, it never left the tarmac, Jack’s assistant informs. Let me get back to you with this, Jack’s left to frown.

Next: Nothing happened, Phyllis says. Then why did the pilot tell me you never stepped on the plane? Jack confronts Phyllis …. You’re a Newman – entitled to your birthright. That’s why I’ve come to say goodbye, Luca surprises Summer … Vikki’s in the background when Billy growls at Cane – you sonofabitch – and punches him in the face.

My Thoughts: Vikki didn’t take the kids sailing around the world because she couldn’t do that to Billy – or JT? Well, no – you couldn’t legally do that to JT – he has full custody of Reed. I doubt he’d want to leave the Dad and stepmother who’ve raised him, his school and friends to go sailing with Skype-Mom, the siblings he doesn’t know, and some stranger his Mom barely knows …. It’s bad enough that Phyllis is shagging her brother in law, but why do it under his nose and be so careless about being caught. She’ll not only lose Jack, she’ll lose the respect of anyone who knows her; including her daughter… If Summer had any sense, she’d tell Luca to call her after he’s got a job and an apartment. Instead, she’ll probably take him back home to ride on her coattails. Nice that he confessed – but he didn’t explain the mysterious phone calls Summer knows about.. Luca should wait until Abby and Ben split up. She’s worth more money and isn’t opposed to taking her niece’s leftovers (when Summer’s not even done with them) … In the name of all that is holy – get a damn security system with cameras!! … With all the awkward moments Phyllis has shared with Jack and Billy in the same room, you wouldn’t think a business meeting with her and Jack would rate much lower on the awkward-scale…. Yeah, wanting to see the best in people is ann admirable quality – remaining oblivious in the face of obvious lies is not. Both Nick and Summer need to open their eyes. Fool me once, shame on me, get fooled repeatedly, wake the hell up.