Thursday, July 21st

Abby goes inside to tell Ben that she’s off to the hearing and will see him later ~kiss~. Dylan asks how things are going. Ben admits that his happy family has gone to hell.

Back at the club, Phyllis can’t turn the other cheek like Jack has. He’s not letting Victor off the hook but isn’t bent on revenge. Phyllis wants to make Victor suffer. Jack thought she’s moved on. Not if he walks – Phyllis is sure Victor will pick up where he left off. She’s not sure she can live with him not paying.

Yes, Victor saw Adam – he’s doing OK. I’ll help get him released after I am, he’s glad Chelsea doesn’t have a sharp object. After Chelsea stomps off, Abby arrives to say they’re all going to kick ass in there. Victor has hope that things will go better than last time they were here.

Ben tells Dylan that it’s not the right time to have a baby. Abby looks at the unopened shower gifts and wants to put them to use. I’m not ready (for a reminder of what went wrong) Ben doesn’t have the words to tell Abby. Dylan tells Ben not to shut the door on having another baby – and talks about losing Connor. Sully wasn’t a replacement but a bright light. And it made me love Sharon even more (as she joins them)

Visiting Adam, Chelsea is on the verge of tears (and he doesn’t look too happy either)

Jack tells Phyllis that justice comes in many forms – Victor’s family turned against him. Phyllis can’t figure Jack out – pick a side. Me?! Jack doesn’t understand Phyllis either. But to be clear – he misses her. He’s giving her space because he loves her. I’m always on your side. Please don’t go near that courtroom.

Court now in session, the Judge calls Vikki to the stand. She explains that the family was trying to teach her Father a lesson when testifying out of anger. I regret that. Her Dad risked his own life to save her Mother and Phyllis. He loves us and we love him. We never stopped.

Now home, Sharon and Dylan talk about the Rayburns – they’ve lost two kids in one year. That kind of pain will break anyone, Dylan asks if Sharon’s thinking about losing Cassie. Sharon couldn’t lose another child – she has to hope that God wouldn’t be that cruel.