Thursday, July 21st

Adam passes by Victor’s cell as he’s dressing for his appeal. I’ll be out of here in no time, Victor’s confident.

Nikki’s at the club with Nick and Vikki – to make sure they’re all on the same page. Victor’s crimes stand but that doesn’t mean they can’t build a strong case for having his sentence reduced. Phyllis comes along to scoff that the Newmans are banding together to ensure justice isn’t done.

Abby and Ben awaken in bed together. She’s still thinking of having another baby. When Ben said not now, did he mean not ever?

Sharon and Dylan find Chelsea at CL’s. She hopes Dylan’s still looking for the real pages of Sage’s journal.

Phyllis knows that Victor didn’t care if she escaped the cabin and it doesn’t erase his other atrocities. She doesn’t owe Victor anything – nothing he can do will make up for what he did. Phyllis expected more of Nick at least – you’re really OK with what your Father did to the Mother of your child? 6 months in prison is punishment enough?

Abby talks about how much she loved the daughter they lost. She’d never been happier and thinks about what might have been all the time. Ben sees no point in looking back. Abby envisions a future with Max and a little brother or sister. Will it EVER be the right time? Ben again tables the discussion and hops out of bed.

Nick’s standing by his family, Nikki claims. Nick reminds Phyllis that Summer loves her grandpa. She thinks he deserves another chance but might not make the hearing today. Dad’s spent time in prison and could have been shot etc. When Jack comes along, Phyllis continues to lambaste the Newmans. After they leave, Jack tells Phyllis that he’s always on her side – no matter what. Even if I crucify Victor in court?

Adam won’t support Victor and knows that he’ll stab his other children in the back as soon as he’s out.

Dylan WILL keep looking for the real journal pages – and Victor’s mystery visitor. Unimpressed, Chelsea snipes at the McAvoy’s and says Victor better watch his back!

Through the bars, Victor warns Adam to watch his tone – you better pray I win this appeal (to get Adam out) I’m the only one who can. I love my family and you’re part of my family. Remember what I said, Victor’s escorted off by a guard.

Ben and Abby are now at CL’s. Sharon leads Abby to the patio to ask how things are going with Stitch (and is updated that Ben won’t even talk about having another baby) Sharon sympathizes with the empty feeling – having another baby helps. Faith and Sully both filled a void.

At the courthouse, Chelsea accosts the Newmans – who will get her and Connor through this. She gripes about them supporting Victor but not Adam (who’s innocent – unlike Victor) On cue, Victor arrives.