Thursday, July 21st

Also at home, Ben’s going through brightly wrapped gift boxes – shower gifts. He flashes back to telling Abby that she’s pregnant. We’re having a baby!!

Abby now tells the Judge about Victor growing up in an orphanage – he feels guilt and remorse. His love has helped Abby through so much. It’s always been about family. Nick’s next – his relationship with his Father has been rocky. Seeing him on the ground after saving his Mother, Nick saw the man he respected. Jack told him never to give up on his Dad. Let us settle this once and for all within the family.

After jokes and I love you’s, Adam tells Chelsea that Victor rubbed his face in it. I shouldn’t have let up, she admits she went a bit extreme.

Nikki tells the Judge how much she regrets lashing out at Victor; he’s complicated and loyal; the mirror into my soul. Instead of looking into her own actions, she should have looked at Victor’s. He did all these things was to defend his family; like he did when risking his life to save two women who sent him to prison. Victor stayed to take his punishment. Give me back my husband, my children’s Father. We’ve punished him enough.

When Sharon talks about surviving the loss of Cassie, Dylan vows she’ll never lose anyone again. The worst is over, he promises with a hug.

Filling Adam in on how she tried to record Victor, Chelsea’s told that she didn’t fail – she was brave. She’ll hound Victor until he gives up the missing journal pages. No more weapons, Adam jokes.

The Judge asks Victor if anyone else will be speaking today. Phyllis marches in – she definitely has something to share.

Next: How long can you survive this hell without your son? Chelsea asks Adam … I won’t be running Brash n Sassy with Cane, Jill announces to Billy – you will… Phyllis Abbott’s emotional outburst is a compelling case for you to stay behind bars, the Judge tells Victor.