Friday, July 22nd

Phyllis jerks her arm out of Jack’s grasp to rant about Victor replacing her husband with a deranged criminal on their wedding night. This man has destroyed my life; now a loving hell. Victor needs to serve every minute of his sentence.

Coming in from a swim, Billy finds Cane doing prep work for the renovations. He’s got some good ideas for Brash n Sassy. Billy warns Cane not to get too comfy – Mom has an agenda.

Lily fishes for info when Jill arrives at the club – she’s only staying at the club because the house is being renovated. The takeover is the just beginning – Jill plans to shake a lot of things up.

Chelsea whines about Connor barely being able to go off to school without seeing his Dad. Adam thinks it for the best that his son doesn’t see him. He’ll be better off.

Phyllis describes the agony she endured thanks to Victor putting Marco in her bed. Having to replay that in her mind makes her sick – but she’ll relive it to ensure Victor doesn’t get away with it. Mom, what are you doing? Summer arrives to bleat.

Phyllis continues her rant, scoffing that Victor’s made out to be a hero. Nikki stands to say that this woman, this Phyllis Abbot needs to learn to forgive (like WE are) Are you putting your pain and mine in the same category? Phyllis balks. Why does Victor get to put his life back together while mine, my marriage, my reputation is destroyed?!

At the house, Jill blames Billy for leaving Brash n Sassy ripe for the picking. The company will be co-manages. But she won’t be running it with Cane – YOU will, Jill stuns Billy (and Cane)

Chelsea will make sure Connor grows up knowing his Dad’s innocent. You’re his Father – you can’t abandon him. Adam’s not – he’s protecting Connor.

Nikki apologizes and sits down. Phyllis can’t apologize for her words and hopes the Judge shows Victor no mercy (as he’s shown her) Phyllis keeps walking – leaving Jack in her dust.

Victor’s touched by his family’s testimony. He took no pleasure in Phyllis’ suffering. He’s had ups and downs in his life but this time in prison has changed him. I’d like the opportunity to prove that. Jack then stands to ask the Judge to hear him out first.

Jack’s not there to speak for or against Victor’s released. Maybe he deserves to be tied to a bed and starved; like I was. But Jack cares about people in this room who love Victor. He hasn’t changed – the family has. They were appalled and cut him out of their lives. Jack knows this is Victor’s last chance with his family. In tears, Jack asks one thing – my wife is living a nightmare she can’t get out of. Whatever you decide, make it a final decision. This has to come to an end. I don’t forgive you, Jack addresses Victor – but I won’t let your actions impact my life.

Billy declines the co-CEO position. OK, so Cane will manage the company by himself. Billy changes his mind, and Jill’s thrilled. Cane’s asked to excuse them. See you later partner, Billy shouts out. He then gets a call from Phyllis – Victor’s gonna walk. I need to talk to someone who understands. Billy will have to talk to Bethany later. Right now he wants to know what Jill’s up to. And Jill wants to know who was really on the phone.

As all file out, Nick hopes Victor meant what he said – that he’ll never hurt anyone the way he did Jack and Phyllis. Victor’s not happy to hear the family doubts him.