Friday, July 22nd

In the hallway, the Newman’s appreciate what Jack said. Nikki whines about Phyllis not forgiving Victor. Can you blame her? Jack scowls. He hopes they were all listening in there – don’t let Victor get away with any more stunts. Keep him clear of us.

Now alone with Victor, the Judge mentions the daughter he used. Phyllis’ emotional outburst is a compelling case to keep Victor behind bars.

Adam isn’t abandoning him – he’s protecting him (and doesn’t want Chelsea to bring Connor to visit) How long can you live this hell without your son? Chelsea wonders.

Why is Jill pushing Billy to work with Cane? Jill thinks Billy needs a wake-up call. Cane will be an excellent role model. Work on getting Brash n Sassy back on track and Jill will move Cane to another division. How does that sound?

When Jack comes knocking at her suite, Phyllis asks about the hearing. Jack’s not there to discuss Victor – he’s there to talk about ‘us’.

The Judge orders Victor to stay away from Meredith if he’s released. I will not disappoint you, Victor assures.

Phyllis needs more time. No – time’s up – Jack tells Phyllis to stop fighting. Victor’s already won – we’re hanging on by a thread. Sometimes it takes more strength to let it go. Go them! Abandon me before I drag you down! Jack kisses Phyllis – I won’t give up. Stop pushing me away. Why are you chipping away at this marriage from the inside out? Why are you so intent on destroying what we have?!

Billy accepts the deal – just to prove his Mother wrong. Yes, he knows Jill loves him (in her own frustrating way) She definitely DOES keep things interesting. Jill then paints one stroke of yellow over the blue. And suddenly all is yellow again. Flashback to her last scene with Kay. Do you want me to help you up the stairs? I believe I can manage. Thank you. Good night. This is the one, Jill decides – forget me not yellow. She leaves Billy standing in his dark blue foyer.

Prison is about rehabilitation as well as punishment; learning a lesson is always the goal. The Judge reduces Victor’s sentence to time served and 2 years of community service. You can be taken back to prison if you break the rules within those two years. Nikki and the family gush over Victor – who wants to reclaim his life, the chair behind his desk – and run the company with all the vigor he possesses (Vikki’s smile fades)

In tears, Phyllis is sorry she’s pushing Jack away. I need to figure out some things. Jack checks his phone – yup, Victor’s out. Phyllis is even more distraught. Don’t tell me to calm down. Go~ Jack refuses. Phyllis is now angry – we’re not on the same page. I can’t talk about this anymore. Don’t do anything you’ll regret, Jack says as he exits.

Chelsea checks her phone – Victor wins again. He’s guilty and free. Adam’s innocent and trapped in here.

Victor and Nikki are back at the ranch. It must seem like a dream to you, she gushes. Victor didn’t realize how much he missed all this. Welcome home darling, Nikki coos.

At the club, Lily praises Cane. He’s annoyed that Jill didn’t thank him. IN no time you’ll be running the company, Billy and Jill, Lily’s sure (then takes him upstairs)

Billy’s finally alone and able to call Phyllis when she arrives. I think my marriage is over, she weeps.