Friday, July 22nd

Jill joins Jack at the club’s bar – and shares her plan to force Billy to get his life together. If he continues the road he’s on, he’ll never get Vikki back (who’s just arrived with Nick)

I lost it. I unloaded on Victor and all of them. It just came out. All my rage and anger is as fresh as it ever was. Jack tries to understand – but he makes me want to scream. Maybe I AM spinning out of control. Billy’s just happy she came back to him ~hug~

At their table, Vikki’s not sure they should be celebrating. Nick reminds of the great job she’s done running NE. You heard Dad, Vikki mopes – Newman is his – he’ll make sure we remember that.

Adam thinks it time Chelsea go. No, she’s not leaving. I can’t do this right now, Adam’s sorry (and leaves) I know what you’re doing don’t do this, Chelsea’s left to sob alone.

Coming home together seems so right, Nikki tells Victor to make a drink – she’ll go check on dinner. Sweetheart, Victor thinks this the biggest test they’ve conquered so far. Nikki didn’t like the taste of life without Victor ~hug~ Now alone, Victor pours a drink. But he’s not alone – Chloe appears. Bravo, you actually pulled it off. You’re free and Adam’s locked up. You shouldn’t be here, Victor says – and he wants the missing journal pages.

Next: Chelsea’s stunned to open her front door and find Chloe there …. Victor bluntly tells Jack that if he doesn’t think she’s not planning revenge then you don’t know your wife … We want the same things, Phyllis purrs in Billy’s arms (in his bed) Looking in on them, Jill is shocked.

My Thoughts: Where oh where is Noah? Perhaps Paul should put out an APB…. Of course Victor’s out. Was there ever any doubt? But don’t expect to hear any mention of him doing community service (perhaps at the rec center he once founded) and don’t expect the Newman’s to sit in a circle singing Kumbayah for long. Vikki won’t like being displaced from her chair and there’s never been anything for Nick to really DO at Newman. He might as well trade his suit in for an Underground T-shirt and get those glasses dried…. It’d be nice it Jill became a power player. Chancellor Industries has been off the grid of eons. Hopefully, Jill gets more involved in corporate shenanigans than moving her sons around like chess pieces. Still – more Jill is always welcome. And no Collin!!! The best scene of today’s show was – not surprisingly – Jill and Kay’s goodbye. Heartbreaking. Every. Damn. Time. RIP Jeanne Cooper.