Monday, July 25th

My daughter covered for me today while I was at a funeral. Because it’s already late, I’m not taking the time to proofread. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Chloe walks into Victor’s house and congratulates him on being a free man and landing Adam a spot in prison. Victor warns her she shouldn’t be there and emphasizes his need for the two journal pages. Chloe accuses Victor of using her and says she will make sure Adam serves all of his time. She also reveals that she has burned the two journal pages.

Adam and Michael work on how they’re going to prove Victor framed Adam. Adam is in disbelief when Michael tells him the finding the pages may not be a possibility because Victor appears to have hid them well.

Chelsea and her mother Anita discuss visitation between Adam and Chelsea’s son Connor. Adam says he doesn’t want Connor to visit and Anita agrees due to the circumstances. Chelsea wants to tell Connor about Adam being framed, however Anita believes Adam earned his place in jail. Chelsea is furious and calls Anita out for being fake towards Adam.

Nick remains optimistic about the events but Victoria dreads what’s to come.

Jack and Jill bicker over Victoria and Billy. Jill wants to light a fire under Billy so he can get what he wants.

Phyllis and Billy are kissing, he wants her to prove she’s here for him, not to get back at Jack.

Victor tells Chloe she better be bluffing. Chloe feels no remorse over her actions. He reminds her of their agreement and how he took care of Bella, Chloe’s daughter. He threatens to have her taken away. Chloe retaliates by warning Victor she will tell all of his employees about Adam. Victor tells her to leave.