Monday, July 25th

Adam begs Michael to help him find a way out of jail.

Nick hopes that Victor will be focused on Newman Enterprises instead of himself and Victoria. Victoria is concerned about everything that can go wrong. She insists on going to visit Victor, but Nick is hesitant. However they end up going anyways.

Jill spots Victoria and Nick on their way out and comments about unhappy she looks. Jack reminds her that Billy isn’t the only thing on her mind.

*Cue steamy Phyllis/Billy scene*

Michael and Adam form a deal. Michael will double check everything and in return Adam has to stop punishing himself for being in jail. Adam promises to be on his best behavior. Michael tells Adam he and certainly not Chelsea have given up on him.

Chelsea tells Anita to leave because she refuses to be surrounded by her negativity.

Phyllis talks to Billy about how Jack always treated her as though she were damaged.

Victor and Nikki discuss their love, and then Newman Enterprises. Nikki tells Victor that the kids worked so well in his absence. Nick and Victoria walk in as she finishes.

Jack tells Jill to leave Billy and Cane alone. He has faith that his brother will do whatever he feels is necessary. Jill says Phyllis better straighten out or some other woman will come snatch Jack up. “Phyllis is it for me, she knows that.”

Phyllis shares with Billy that she wants to be with him and she is going to have to tell Jack they are officially over. She doesn’t want to hide anymore, she has no doubts.

Nikki is thrilled to see Nick and Victoria. Victoria gives Victor a USB containing information about Newman Enterprises.

Anita shows up at the jail to visit Adam. She wants Adam to be realistic about the length of time he’ll be spending locked up. Adam clues in and asks Anita is she wants him to let go of Chelsea.

Chloe shows up at Chelsea’s door. Chelsea is surprised to see her and asks when she was released. Chloe lies and says that Chelsea is the first person she came to see. Chloe says that hating Adam is toxic and poisons the brain. Chloe plays stupid and acts as though she doesn’t know what is going on between Adam and Victor. When Chelsea tells Chloe Adam is being punished for a crime he didn’t commit, she breaks into a fit of laughter. Chelsea looks at her puzzled.

The Newmans discuss possible suspects for the leak. Luca is the number one suspect though Victoria notes he helped out during the fallout. Victor and Nick believe it’s possible Luca may of caused it in order to look like a hero in the end. The doorbell rings and in walks Jack telling Victor he wants an end to the feud between him and his wife.