Tuesday, July 26th

In a suite, cuddling in bed, Lily notices that Cane’s not wearing his rings. His hands swelled up – and he lost them. Sorry. Lily hands them over – Maddy found them (the rings were on her bear) Oh how much the Ashby’s have been through. This is a new beginning, Lily slides the ring on Cane’s finger.

Phyllis asks how Jill got in her suite. Jill has a better question – what were you doing in my son’s bed?

What are you doing here? Chloe and Billy ask simultaneously (as he opens his front door)

At Jabot, Ashley assumes Phyllis is pissed that Victor’s being released. She’s also down about her meeting with Neville – he’s leaving town, she suspects.

Neville’s at the lab to tell the Hamilton’s that he’s leaving town for good. They bicker over who saved, and who risked Hilary’s life. Neville only ever wanted what was best for Hilary. She knows that; Devon not so much.

Now downstairs, Cane’s left Lauren several messages. He’s sure she’ll understand why he’s leaving Fenmores. Lauren joins the Ashby’s at the bar – why didn’t you tell? Lauren’s not happy.

Back at the lab, Hilary’s relieved that Neville’s leaving town but regrets accusing him of trying to kill her. You were the one to bring me out of the coma. Have a nice day, Devon dismisses him. And now alone, he approves of Hilary wanting to look forward. Hilary wants to make the company bigger and better – anything is possible if you want it bad enough.

Ashley encouraged Neville to stay and continue their work – but it’s all over. Yes, he lied – but is a good man. Ashley didn’t completely fall for him. Just partially? Jack then updates that Phyllis was offended when he questioned her trip. He doesn’t know why she’s pushing him away. She loves you, Ashley’s optimistic.

Chloe’s back for some stuff she stored in the attic. She’s healthy and no longer a threat to society. Why come back here? Billy wonders. We both went to a dark place after Delia died. Yes, Chloe heard Adam was convicted of murder (but has no reaction) I’m healthy and ready to return to GC and face the past. Chloe’s ready to go through the box of stuff her Mom put away for her. Billy updates that he did a crash and burn (alienating his family, and Vikki)

Back in the suite, Jill knows what she saw and decided to hear Phyllis out instead of going to Jack. How could you be so reckless? We only slept together a few times, Phyllis tries to downplay. Jill knows it’s more than sex – when did it start? Phyllis explains why she turned to Billy (over wanting revenge against Victor) When Jill reminds how much Jack was hurt when she cheated with Nick, Phyllis reminds Jill of her own infidelities. She plans to walk away from Jack tomorrow (but tearfully admits that she loves both men)

Still at the bar, Cane’s sorry Lauren had to hear the news from a reporter asking for her comment. How embarrassing. I should have been your first phone call. Cane signed a non-disclosure agreement. Lauren’s hurt – you don’t value our friendship. My company’s not enough of a challenge for you, she concludes.

Think of all we can do – groundbreaking treatment, supplements, vitamins, herbal remedies – recruit renowned medical leaders like Dr Shelby. Imagine what we can do, Hilary enthuses to Devon. Jack arrives to say he thought this was done. Devon agrees – this particular business venture is over. Hilary doesn’t look happy.