Monday, July 25th

Jill walks into Billy’s house and sees a piece of clothing on the floor. She guesses it’s Bethany’s until she sees the brand name. When she goes upstairs she is mortified to find Billy in bed with Phyllis. They don’t notice her presence outside the bedroom door.

Michael tells Adam Dylan can’t investigate any further unless there is evidence to go off of.

Jack wants to talk to Victor. Nick and Victoria leave. Victor asks what Jack is doing at his house. Jack wants a truce between Phyllis and Victor however Victor warns Jack that he must not know his wife because she is plotting her revenge. Jack says he doesn’t need any marital advice and leaves. Nikki wonders if he is plotting any sort of revenge against the Abbott’s or his children. He calls the Abbott’s hypocrites and praises his children for doing well with Newman Enterprises.

Chloe apologizes and asks how Connor is doing. Chelsea breaks down not knowing how she is going to explain to her son how there are vicious, selfish people in the world who will do anything to hurt others. Chloe storms out saying “I shouldn’t have come here.”

Adam tells Michael his plan to try and keep Chelsea and Connor away from the jail. His story is that he got angry and punched a guard and got placed into solitary confinement so his visitation privileges have been revoked. Michael thinks the idea is stupid and tells him he doesn’t get to decide if his family comes to visit or not. Adam says he loves his family and doesn’t want them to waste their time.

Phyllis notices a door open in the hallway and when she goes to check, she is greeted by Jill’s presence.