Tuesday, July 26th

Over tea, Chloe wonders who’s responsible for the smile on Billy’s face. He credits his kids, then is immediately sorry – knowing Chloe wanted to have another child, with him even. We both know there’s no replacing Delia. Flashback to Chloe sneaking out of the lab with a sample marked ‘William Abbott’. It’s OK – Chloe knows why Billy couldn’t do that. Reiterating that she’s home to stay, Chloe heads up to the attic.

What will you tell your husband? Jill can’t wait to see how Phyllis pulls this off. After she dumps Jack, Phyllis will start seeing Billy – as if it’s a new relationship. We’ve thought this through and don’t want it to be painful. It will be, Jill knows there will be no happy ending for Phyllis and Billy. Jack will never recover from this betrayal. And Billy won’t survive losing his brother and sisters. They will hate you – and Billy. Jill insists Phyllis go back to Jack, stay away from my son – this conversation never happened. Or? Jill will tell everyone that Phyllis is sleeping with her husband’s brother. End this or I will (with one phone call to Jack) Phyllis is left to cry alone.

Ashley joins Neville on the patio – so this is really it? Yes, he’s off to the airport. But it’s not his work he regrets leaving behind. It’s time for us to part ways, he knows. Ashley sits to smile up at Neville (who also takes a seat)

As Lily hovers, Cane tells Lauren that Fenmore’s is doing well and doesn’t need him anymore. This company does. Lauren actually thinks this is a good move for Cane – we’ll be fine. You’re not the one I should be angry at. All turn to look at Jill.

After today, we’ll be out of here. Devon tells Jack that he can use the lab for whatever he likes. Acknowledging that things got a bit complicated between the three of them personally, Devon hopes Jack won’t have a problem with Hilary continuing to work at the foundation. Jack’s OK with that and happy she wants to stay on. He looks forward to putting Hilary’s Mom’s name on the new wing. The men left to chat, Jack notes that Hilary’s not calling all the shots anymore. Devon sees things a lot clearer – he wasn’t being a true partner in the relationship; a mistake he won’t repeat. Jack bites his lip, clearly reflecting on his own dilemma.

When Phyllis arrives, Billy says that was close (his visitor just left) Phyllis is there to say she changed her mind – I can’t leave Jack. Billy stops her at the door – where is this coming from? Who changed your mind? Was it Jack? No, it’s not Jack.

In the dining room, Lauren and Jill have it out over Cane being stolen/hired to run Brash n Sassy. Yes, Jill did it to get Billy and Vikki back together. Accused of using people like pawns, Jill sees nothing wrong with playing the game when it comes to people you love.

No, Devon doesn’t expect Hilary to change, but he’s fighting for his marriage. And, at the end of the day, love always wins out. Jack has somewhere he needs to be. No, not work – there’s someone he has to see.

Phyllis can’t break Jack’s heart – he loves me. But you love ME, Billy reminds they just slept together and made plans. Phyllis is sorry. We’re over. I want to make my marriage work. Sorry, Phyllis leaves in tears. Billy’s equally distraught.

On the patio, Ashley has no doubt that Neville will go on to do great things. He’s inspired her personally. And Neville has never had a partner or a friend who was half as admirable or lovely.

Oh hey Mom. Ester’s ecstatic – it’s so good to see you. Should I be seeing you? Yes, Chloe was released – a while ago. She has something she really wants to show her Mom.