Wednesday, July 27th

Kevin and Natalie interrupt a breakfast of donuts at Sharon’s. Mariah’s decided to stay where she’s wanted (not move into Kevin’s) Dylan hopes the geeks are there with something to help Adam.

Mike visits Adam. As he’s his friend as well as attorney, he did not relay his client’s stupid request (that Chelsea move on with her life without Adam)

Chloe and Chelsea bump into one another – literally at CL’s. Chelsea’s so grateful Chloe allowed Conner to have Delia’s eyes. Yeah, too bad I tried to kill your husband, Chloe quips. Spotting a sippy cup in Chloe’s bag, Chelsea’s stunned to hear that Chloe has a daughter, Bella; the light of her life.

At the station, Paul informs that the FDA has dropped the charges against Ashley (because Neville admitted to adjusting the results) Ashley appreciates that but laments that there’s so much more work to be done. Paul doesn’t think highly of Neville for letting Ashley take the fall. He saved my life she defends Neville; not just her doctor, he’s my friend.

Abby confronts Ben at GCM. You donated the baby shower gifts without telling me? How could you do that to me!?

Ben spent the night at Max’s facility and wanted to tell Abby in person. The gifts made you sad. Nick did the same thing with Sage – he told you it was a mistake. Ben’s sorry. He thought opening the gifts would be too painful. So we ignore painful things? I’m a painful reminder – will you throw me out too? You don’t want another baby with me! Ben barks that he donated the gifts to the pediatric wing where they’ll go to good use. After he stomps off, Abby marches over to Pediatrics.

As Mariah and Sharon chat in the background, Kevin hands Dylan a CD – footage of the woman going to the locker area. It’s not much – but more than Dylan had before. After he races out to update Paul, Natalie makes a point of telling Mariah that they stayed in a hotel working on the case. I’ll tell you all about it, she smirks ss Kevin escorts her out.

Chelsea congratulates Chloe – was the baby in foster care? No – Chloe was in a progressive facility; she got to see her daughter every day. My daughter needs me. I wasn’t there for Delia but this time I’ll get it right. Chelsea’s not sure starting over in GC is the best idea for Chloe.

Mike thinks Adam ridiculous for wanting to push his wife away. Chelsea brings light into this place! Shouting, Mike talks about how he shut HIS wife out and told himself he was the better man for it. I broke her heart and convinced myself it was for her own good. I was wrong! Learn from my mistakes. You and Chelsea get through this together or you don’t get through it at all!

Abby’s brought all the gifts home – and reads a card with loving sentiments ‘love Victoria’. Abby sniffs then tosses the outfit aside. The next card causes more tears (it’s from Summer) The stuffed pony is tossed on the pile. As Abby’s having a full blown hissy fit, Ashley appears – honey, what’s all this? It’s what might have been, Abby wails.

Dylan’s not impressed that Paul’s not impressed with Kevin’s results. Adam took the plea – the case is closed. There’s a change of command here, Paul stands – respect that.