Tuesday, July 26th

Jill finds Billy drowning his sorrows at home. He had something good but lost it. Jill knows Billy can succeed with Brash n Sassy. He couldn’t care less about that – or proving himself to his Mother.

Phyllis’ sobbing is interrupted when Jack comes to her suite. Can I help? He knows she needs time to figure things out. No, Phyllis has made up her mind. I’m coming home.

Devon’s sure Hilary will succeed in another venture; make another dream come true. The only dream Hilary has right now is Devon – and only Devon ~kiss~

Neville’s been working on a new formula. Take on and she’ll be a new woman; a happy woman. It’s a breath mint, Ashley smiles. She’ll really miss Neville ~kiss~ She’s left to smile to herself.

Phyllis is sorry for what she put Jack through. It’s all because of me. Jack says it only matters that they both want to make the marriage work. We need to make it work, Phyllis agrees (but does not look happy as Jack hugs her)

Jill has no doubt that Billy will soon realize that the only important things in life are his children, his family.

Chloe brings a confused Ester to her motel room. Meet Bella, your granddaughter, she says after the sitter leaves.

Next: At CL’s, Chelsea spots a sippy cup in Chloe’s bag – is that how you take your coffee to go these days?? …. Adam is innocent! Dylan vows to see this investigation through, with all due respect. I’m the one who gives the orders here, Paul points out … Mike warns Adam – you and Chelsea get through this together or you don’t get through it at all.

My Thoughts: How magnanimous of Devon to let Jack use HIS lab in HIS building for whatever HE wants. I’m sure Ashley will be back to concocting rapey perfumes in no time. Odd that a revolutionary fragrance, so earth shattering that Victor stole the formula was so suddenly dropped … Jill needs a new hobby – let people flap their wings and soar on their own? When does she plan to apply that to her grown up son? Buying a company for the sole purpose of getting Billy and Vikki back together is hardly letting Billy sort out his own life … Jack and Phyllis don’t stand a chance. She can barely tolerate his touch. You’d think she’d have found time to shower when going from one brother to another …. Sure Lauren’s right. But she’s hardly Mother of the Year herself. She’s not mentioned Scotty in years and isn’t exactly involved with Fen (vulnerable to drugs and off in Arizona)