Wednesday, July 27th

The investigation is closed, Adam mopes. Mike will work on it – give up this idea to abandon Chelsea. He saw Anita’s name in the visitor’s log – this is HER talking. Just give Chelsea the message, Adam orders. Tell her yourself, Mike says then leaves.

Chelsea thinks it would be better for Chloe to start new memories. But this is my home – Chloe has good memories of GC. My Mom’s here, my friends; Kevin. He’s Bella’s Father, right? On cue, Kevin and Natalie come through the patio door.

Ben was wrong to give it away and he should have asked me, Abby wails. He’s sending a message that we’ll never have another child. Abby then reads a card from Ashley (who agrees Ben was wrong but meant well) Abby mourns the loss of the little girl she never get to hold. Ashley points out that Ben’s suffering too – and dealing with Max. Don’t lose each other ~hug~

There’s no room for emotion here, Paul cautions. Dylan’s attacking this case to take Victor down and free Adam. He WILL see this investigation through with all due respect. I’m the one who gives the orders here! Pau; reminds.

Mariah denies being jealous – Natalie is. I miss my friend and think Kevin can do better than Natalie.

At CL’s, Chloe hugs Kevin and tries to avoid his questions. Not letting her off the hook, Kevin makes quick introductions and leaves Natalie to ask Chelsea – who was that? The crazy ex wife? Great. After Natalie barges out, Mike arrives – is Chloe here for good? Adam needs to see you. Chelsea leaves immediately.

On the patio, Chloe reminds Kevin that they aren’t married anymore (she doesn’t owe him answers) Flashback to Chloe getting Kevin into bed – that happened a long time ago. Not THAT long ago – Kevin wants to know why Chloe’s avoiding him.

Ashley walks Abby into GCM, then leaves her to apologize to Ben (and give the box of baby stuff back) Going into a room for a private chat, Abby felt like throwing the gifts away was throwing away any chance of having another baby. I’ve been pushing too hard. Please don’t push me away – tell me what you want.

On the patio, Chloe assures Kevin that she’s over wanting to kill Adam. Stop pushing! Kevin’s just trying to understand. As Chloe storms out, Mike stops Kevin from following – what’s going on. Kevin wishes he knew.

Dylan doesn’t see hos justice has been served – Victor’s capable of framing Adam. Yes, but he wouldn’t. Victor loves his son. Dylan’s theory is that Victor’s partner double-crossed him. Paul shouts – this is done! The case is closed! Yes – that’s it! Paul then threatens to write Dylan up for insubordination.

Chelsea visits Adam – still determined to get him out. She shows Adam a photo of Connor wearing a shirt Daddy gave him. Adam interrupts her babbling – trying to find the words. I can’t do this.

An emotional Ben still struggles – his son is responsible for them losing their baby. He hurt Abby more by pushed her away. Our little girl would have loved this. When Max starts to improve, Ben wants to have another baby with Abby ~hug~

At home, Sharon’s been tasked with sending Dylan a photo of Sully every day. Mariah votes for the ‘foot in the mouth’ shot. Natalie arrives in need of a history lesson – who is this Chloe person? Kevin’s ex-wife, Mariah informs – she’s in a mental facility. Not anymore, Natalie informs.