Wednesday, July 27th

Kevin’s sure Chloe’s keeping things from him. Mike understands why she’d be nervous – give her some time. Ester comes in to gush about how beautiful Chloe looks. Where is she staying? Told the address, Kevin runs out. Ester didn’t get a chance to tell him to knock softly.

What’s going on? Chelsea pleads. Adam wants her to stop visiting. Anita’s right. This is no life for you. This is the life (and the man) Chelsea wants – even if he serves 30 years. Adam feels selfish – I need you. Chelsea WILL fight to get Adam out ~kiss~

Oh so in love, Ben follows Abby as she returns the box of toys to pediatrics.

Mariah tells Natalie that Chloe had a breakdown – divorced Kevin while she was in treatment. Kevin was crushed, she was the love of his life, Sharon chirps (which worries Natalie) Why is she back in GC? Mariah wonders.

Mike’s in Paul’s office with a simple request – find Victor’s partner – prove Adam was framed. The department doesn’t have the resources to investigate the case of a defendant who’s taken a plea. The case is closed – don’t go to Dylan with this.

Dylan’s with Adam and Chelsea – he’s got a lead on the woman visiting Victor (but we can’t make out her face) What’s next? Dylan will figure out who this woman is and why she’s trying to hurt Adam.

Chloe’s playing with Bella when someone knocks on the door. Kevin won’t stop pushing. Hearing a cough, he’s told it’s the TV. Be honest with me, Kevin insists. Chloe opens the door – this is my daughter Bella. How old is she? Kevin wonders. She’s not yours, Chloe allows Kevin to say hi. I’m Kevin. You look so much like your sister Delia. Chloe giggles as Kevin picks up the toys Bella’s lobbing onto the floor.

Next: I thought you were done with Newman Enterprises, Nick (beside Vikki) reminds Summer. I asked her to come by, Victor says (from behind his desk) …. We’re the new tenants, Cane shocks Phyllis (at Jabot)- he and Billy will be working just downstairs …. You don’t have a problem with it do you? Jack asks Billy – Us having offices in the same building? Jill looks uncomfortable on Billy’s behalf.