Thursday, August 18th

Adam awakens handcuffed to a bed in the infirmary as Mike comes in. What happened? The guard was trying to kill me, Adam says – it was Victor.

Chelsea can’t just sit and wait for Mike to call. Chloe stops her from leaving – have faith, Adam will soon be home where he belongs. Chelsea again hugs her good friend – what would I do without you? As Chloe checks on the kids, Chelsea calls to ask Dylan to check on Adam.

Victor was taunting me, Adam insists. No, Mike doesn’t think him crazy – you hallucinated due to stress and lack of food and sleep. He then gives Adam the good news – the journal pages will exonerate him.

Nick accuses his Dad of lying to him and the cops. Why are you so worried about what’s going on at Walworth? Victor wants Adam out – maybe you don’t?

Travis tells Vikki about the great trip he’s having. It feels good to be traveling the world. Vikki must be there to see how happy he is. Vikki’s not convinced; If everything’s so great, why have you been here for two weeks? Travis thinks her ego’s bruised (that he moved on). As ‘Princess’ goes to slap him, Travis grabs her hand.

In confined quarters, Travis comments on Vikki’s concern about his happiness – how are things for you? He knows she’s working with her ex (thanks to Luca) He says your Dad’s looking to make me the fall guy and that you’re back with Billy. No, Vikki’s working with him and not having this conversation. At least I don’t hide. Wait, Travis calls after her.

Back on the patio, Kevin relays that Sharon said he’s blind for not seeing what’s in front him. We tried to be more than friends but it didn’t work. How is Mariah feeling? At this moment, mortified. Mariah does NOT want to discuss it. OK, yes, of course, she feels a lot of things when she looks at Kevin – like concern – that he’ll be hurt by Chloe (who then appears with the two kids) After Mariah takes the kids in for treats, Kevin asks Chloe how she feels about Adam being released. She’s ready to move on – for Bella.

Victor thinks that with Vikki out of the picture and Adam in prison, Nick sees himself as the sole successor with a clear path to the top. Neither of us wants this job, or to fight with each other, Nick says. Victor then shouts about them putting him in prison. You framed your own son and put HIM in prison – AND Nick knows his Dad is connected to Sage’s journal.

Yes, it’s enough to get you out of here, Mike assures Adam. The warden comes in to announce it won’t be that easy – Adam now faces assault charges.

Dylan’s at the penthouse to update Chelsea that Adam attacked a guard and had to be restrained – that’s all he knows.

Adam wasn’t in his right mind. Calm down, Mike says. Adam shouts at the warden – I shouldn’t have been in here. I’m innocent! Are you on my Father’s payroll?! Take the prisoner back to his cell, the warden orders.

Victor tells Nick that Bethany’s the one who framed Adam. She visited him in prison on an unrelated matter. Nick’s not buying it. You went to prison because you were guilty. You didn’t repent, you looked for ways to hurt us. Vikki got off easy by losing BnS. Adam lost his wife and son – using my dead wife’s journal. What is wrong with you!?