Thursday, August 18th

Perched on the boat’s deck, Travis admits he has been running way – he misses Vikki, her eyes, her lips. Travis dreams about her. I miss you so much. Life is empty without you. You have no idea. Maybe I do, Vikki leans in for a kiss.

Vikki and Travis watch the sun go down. She didn’t want to come here. But maybe I need you as much as you need me ~kiss~ And below deck they go to make out.

Watching Kevin and Chloe play with the kids, Sharon wonders why Mariah left them alone together – fight for Kevin. He’s all about Chloe, Mariah sighs. Chloe then thanks Mariah. All three turn to watch Kevin. Yes, he’s great with kids. Sharon understands why Chloe would want to keep her distance – bad memories. But there were good memories too, and Chloe thinks any woman lucky to have Kevin.

Victor tells Nick to make up his mind – did I put Adam in prison or am I trying to get him out? Am I a monster or a saviour???

Mike joins Chelsea and Dylan at the penthouse. Tell me Adam’s getting out, Chelsea pleads. Mike can’t do that.

Adam back in his cell, the warden snarls that the guard he attacked would like to get back to HIS wife and kids too. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone (Adam’s then told that he’s looking at another 6-8 years and left to think about that)

Next: Mike visits Adam – this is what you’re going to tell them; you’re not guilty by reason of insanity…. What does Vikki have to do with this? She went to Mexico – to bring Travis back, Phyllis updates Billy….. I’m going to ask you again – come away with me, Travis asks Vikki (as she lays in his arms in bed)

My Thoughts: I’ve never tried it but don’t imagine I could just stroll into my local Chief of police’s office. In fact, you wouldn’t get past the front desk without explaining why you’re there and filling out a report…. Seeing more of the boat, there’s not much to see. It’s nowhere near big enough for two adults, a teenager and two toddlers They’d drive one another nuts in no time … So wait, Mariah kept Sharon’s whopper of a secret (from Dylan) but Sharon can’t keep her mouth shut when it comes to Kevin? I guess Sharon’s so level-headed that she gets to determine who knows what … Is it true what they’re saying? Nick asks his Dad (about the journal pages). But who are ‘they’ and why are they concluding the pages are legit without any forensic testing whatsoever …. Victor’s just admitted that he hired Bethany to lure Billy away from Vikki. Isn’t that alone proof enough that he hasn’t changed at all? Will Nikki find out? And won’t that indicate that the man she almost divorced last month will never change? .. Hate to admit it but Victor does have a point. Does Chloe really think she can live with the man who killed her daughter?