Friday, August 19th

Today’s recap is late due to my being whisked away unexpectedly half way through the show to celebrate my 50th birthday. Oh where does the time go? Please enjoy these belated typos and nonsensical sentences. I apologize that I wasn’t able to arrange coverage or notification. I don’t expect to be surprised like that ever again.

Oh. look. Today’s episode starts with Nikki and Victor narrating scenes of days gone by as Y&R celebrates its’ 11,000th episode. Of course there is mention of Jeanne Cooper (Katherine)

At Jabot, Nick and Phyllis chat about Adam attacking a guard. No word from Vikki, but Nick’s sure she’ll do her best to persuade Travis.

Travis and Vikki awaken in the morning naked beneath blankets. Morning breath be damned ~kiss~ Both are so happy she’s there (on the boat)

At the courthouse, Mike fills Victor in – Adam attacked a guard thinking it was YOU.

Getting a visit from Chelsea, Adam vows to fix this.

At Billy’s, the Abbott brothers discuss their Dad being gone for 10 years today. Billy’s given a pair of John’s cufflinks. Then Jack gripes about Phyllis alienating Summer. Oh well, at least she’s not whining to me anymore.

Phyllis and Nick are on the same page – they must get Luca out of Summer’s life.

At the club, Summer’s distracted as Luca plans the wedding. Yes, she’s thinking about her family – we need to prove that Travis is framing you for the oil spills. Luca lies – his guys haven’t been able to find Travis.

Kevin’s at the penthouse to chat with Chloe about what’s going on with Adam. Chloe has news too – Adam thought the guard was Victor. Kevin thinks that makes sense – Adam was going after the person who framed him.

Back at the courthouse, Mike informs Victor that Adam snapped after days of no food or sleep. He thought he was attacking YOU. Victor wants to help get Adam out. Mike rejects the offer- stay away from the arraignment. After Mike leaves, Leslie arrives (because he has no confidence in Mike)