Friday, August 19th

Adam blames himself but doesn’t remember attacking the guard. He’s in critical condition – but never mind that – you’re coming home, Chelsea assures.

Billy doesn’t mind being Jack’s sounding board. You’ll probably take Phyllis’ side anyway, Jack knows. And Billy’s very welcome for the cuff-links.

I’ll keep you posted – Nick’s off to the courthouse. He owes it to Adam and should have trusted he wasn’t a murderer. Now alone, Phyllis leaves yet another message. Time’s running out for Summer – tell me you found the cavalry and are riding to the rescue.

Still horizontal, Travis again asks Vikki to come away with him – bring the kids. We’ll find time to sneak off to make love on the beach. Vikki can’t uproot her kids or take them away from their Father. Travis thinks Vikki’s scared.

With a few more words of encouragement, Chelsea leaves Adam to fret to Mike – he blames himself. He needs to eat and sleep. They elude to a strategy before Mike joins Adam to say that he’s to plead not guilty by reason of insanity.

Outside the courtroom, Victor wants Leslie to take over Adam’s case. Baldwin shouldn’t be practicing law, Victor insists. Adam’s fate hangs in the balance.

You weren’t responsible for your own actions in that moment, Mike lists all that affected Adam’s mind – to make him think he was confronting the man who put him in here. Adam feels (as is) guilty for hurting an innocent man with a family. Mike asks Adam to let him do his job. Work with me – enter the plea. OK, Adam agrees.

The kids out with the nanny, Chloe tells Kevin that she’s being the best Mom she can. No, she can’t go for a ride to the lake – Chloe’s place is at the arraignment. No, Chelsea appears to disagree – that’s the last place you should be.

At Jabot, Billy tries to humour Phyllis out of her foul mood. Is it Summer’s wedding or your marriage? Yes, Jack talked to him. And Billy agrees with Jack – let Summer make her own mistakes. Phyllis then informs that Vikki’s in Mexico trying to bring Travis back.

Vikki knew she couldn’t sail away with Travis (who’s sorry for lashing out) She has to ask one more time – come home with me, for Summer. Travis tries again to persuade Vikki (and with a kiss leaves her to think)