Monday, August 22nd

Today’s show opens with some insight from the actors who play Abby, Ben, Adam and Chelsea (complete with flashbacks of course)

What? No! Chelsea stands to blurt out when Adam insists on pleading guilty.

At GCM, Ben updates Abby and Dylan that the guard slipped into a coma last night. He’s on life support and deteriorating.

Chelsea declares this a terrible tragedy. Fight for us – our son needs you. The Judge asks Chelsea to sit down. Mike hisses at Adam to listen to his wife. Now’s your last chance, the Judge once again asks – how do you plead?

A man is in a coma. I’m responsible, Adam again pleads guilty. Chelsea jumps up again to describe all Adam’s been through. The Judge is gentle but firm – sit down. Sentencing is scheduled for the morning. The prisoner is ordered back to Walworth. Adam turns to eyeball Victor.

As the Rayburns and Dylan decide that Mike will get Adam off, Abby gets an alert on her phone. All are surprised that Adam plead guilty.

You’re not out of options, Mike pleads with Adam before he’s lead out (past Victor and Nikki) In the hallway, Kevin doesn’t get it – Chloe does; Adam doesn’t think he deserves to be free. Nick comes out to ask his Dad if he’s happy. This is all because of you. Get out of my eyesight! Victor barks. Nikki follows Nick (who insists ‘this is all on him’) You’re wrong, Nikki affirms.

If Mathews doesn’t make it this turns into a murder – Adam won’t get out. After Ben gets back to work, Dylan asks Abby how she’s doing. She feels terrible now knowing that Adam’s innocent. Dylan blames himself for not finding the missing journal pages sooner.

Meanwhile, Adam back in his cell – tell me when my visitors arrive.

As Chelsea and Mike try to stay positive, Victor saunters over to lambaste Mike. You’re blaming HIM!? YOU’RE the reason we’re here. Yes, Adam IS your son – congratulations. My husband is defeated. Victor reminds that he was the one who found Connor when Chloe took him to Paris. I’ll do everything in my power to help my son!

This all happened because of what was done to Adam, Dylan doesn’t have to say Victor’s name for Abby to get it. After he leaves, Ben returns to say that Mac has good instincts. Basically, yes, he does think her Dad’s responsible. Abby appreciates the honesty.