Friday, August 19th

Jack joins Luca and Summer at the club as they plan their reception. She’s glad he’s not being as judgmental as her Mom. She loves you, Jack assures. If this is her Mom’s idea of love, Summer will pass.

Back at Jabot, Billy disapproves of Phyllis sending Vikki to get Travis. No, he’s not jealous – he doesn’t want the Mother of his child. As Phyllis continues to nag, Billy thinks she’s the one who sounds jealous. On cue, Vikki calls Phyllis – she’s coming home – alone. Travis refuses to come. Ignoring Billy’s questions a furious Phyllis grabs folders and marches out of the office.

At the penthouse, Chelsea doesn’t think it’s good for Chloe to come to the courthouse. Chloe insists. Offering to drive, Kevin goes down to pull the car around. As Chelsea goes upstairs to fetch her sunglasses, Chloe reads something on her tablet.

Mike arrives at the courthouse to interrupt Victor trying to replace him with Leslie (who’s not having it and leaves the men to go at it) Nick now interrupts them shouting – enough. You should not represent my son, Victor growls once more as Nick leads him off (but not before locking eyes with Adam)

Not here, Nick stops Victor from approaching Adam. Chelsea arrives to smile at him before he’s lead in, and as she stares at Adam, Chloe moves to her side protectively.

Taking their seats inside, Mike gets a text message – the guard has slipped into a coma (clearly not good news)

Closing his log book on a photo of Vikki, Travis gets a call about the part he’s waiting for. I want to be on my way.

In first class, Vikki stares sadly out her window.

Spotting Phyllis at the bar, Jack heads her off – the kids are planning their wedding. Phyllis is out of ammo to stop this wedding – maybe it’s a sign that Jack was right all along (much to his surprise) A resigned Phyllis then asks Summer to put her back on the wedding list.

As Luca and Jack stand by, Phyllis insists that this isn’t a trick. If she doesn’t attend the wedding, it’ll be an ‘icky’ thing between them always. Let’s move forward. Will she accept Luca? She’ll accept Summer’s decision. With a sigh, Phyllis glares at Luca over Summer’s shoulder.

As the Judge repeatedly asks Adam how he pleads, Adam goes over what happened. I plead …. guilty, your honour.

Next: The guard, Mathews, he slipped into a coma last night, Ben informs Dylan (and Abby) … He needed to show Adam who’s boss. This is all on him! Nick tells Nikki (as Victor listens 10 feet away) … Victor growls at Mike and Chelsea – I’ll do everything in my power to help my son. Don’t you doubt that for a minute.