Monday, August 22nd

Outside the courtroom, Nikki stands by her man and gripes about Nick lashing out – you’d never do this to Adam. Victor sick and tired of Nick and doesn’t care what he thinks. He vows to undo the damage done by that incompetent lawyer.

Nick visits Adam to apologize – I shouldn’t have doubted you. Framing you is nothing for Victor. Adam doesn’t want or deserve pity. I attacked a guard. He could die. Dad pushed you to the brink, Nick knows. How can I help? Be a Father to my son.

Abby joins her parents at NE – all feel horrible for Adam and the guard. Adam’s given up. Sentencing is tomorrow unless Adam changes his mind (which he wouldn’t even when Chelsea begged) Abby’s heading back to GCM (and is walked out by Nikki) Victor says a few words about the family sticking together. In the hall, Abby asks Nikki if she believes Victor when he says he didn’t frame Adam.

Home, Chloe tries to calm Chelsea down – the guard’s still in critical condition. Whoever set Adam up is equally responsible. And why did Adam plead guilty? He wants to be punished, Chloe believes. For Delia? Chelsea asks.

Nick thinks Adam can still be a parent. No, Connor needs more than weekly visits. You can do this, Nick insists. Adam’s equally stubborn – Connor needs you. Why not Jack? He’s the Godfather. I need a Newman, someone who can handle Victor. Adam’s always admired the way Nick’s maintained his integrity. Teach him how to be a Newman YOUR way. Make him better than me. It’s what we’d both have wanted for Christain. Why bring him up? Nick asks.

Adam can see that Nick’s hurting – how he wished he could have Christain back, even for a minute. They have a long discussion about parenting. Likening Nick to his amazing Mother, Adam begs Nick to be a father Connor. It would be an honour brother, Nick humbly agrees as they clasp hands across the table.

Back at the penthouse, Chelsea thinks Chloe was right about Adam feeling guilty about Delia. Maybe he feels he needs to be punished more. Chloe thought her forgiving Adam would help him forgive himself. Chelsea must find a way to stop this – no one tears my family away and gets away with it.

At the station, Dylan wants Kevin to help him find Bethany Bryan. Nailing Victor might be the only way to get Adam out of this.