Tuesday, August 23rd

Best intro yet! Jill and Katherine’s epic battles, as remembered by Jess Walton and Kate Linden. I grabbed a snack while Jason Thompson talked about the character of Billy.

Hilary joins Jack at the club’s bar to wow him with a million dollar donation from a deep-pocketed donor she ‘cultivated’. Across the room, Neil wonders to Devon why those two looks so happy – then is distracted when Lily brings the loud twins over to show off their family tree project. Lily again prods Neil to reach out to his parents (which Hilary comes over to chime in on)

At Jabot, Vikki comes in saying her phone’s blowing up – what’s been going on around here? (Adam) When you find out what’s been going on you’ll wish you stayed in Mexico, Phyllis grimaces.

Billy and Cane are in the lab discussing Vikki being in Mexico. A loud cackle brings them into the office – where they’re dismayed to find Jill having fun perched on Collins lap.

The twins have been trained to say that not everyone stays close to their parents (but they will) After they run off, Lily’s not surprised that Hilary brought in a big donation – she’s good at getting money out of people. Jack takes Neil off to decide how to allocate these generous funds. That leaves Lily to grill Hilary – what does she know about Neil’s parents? OK, they didn’t drift away – Neil pushed them out of his life. And she has proof. Back at the bar, Neil hints that Jack should fix things with Phyllis.

Back at Jabot, Phyllis updates Vikki on Adam’s situation. he insists on pleading guilty and fired Mike. He won’t want any representation for tomorrow’s hearing. Welcome home. Vikki’s sorry Travis wouldn’t cooperate. There was a … moment … but now she’ll focus on work and the kids.

Defending Collin, Jill tells the boys that he’s a committed family man, then badgers Billy about Vikki. Yeah, you know best Mom – you know better than me. I quit! Billy fumes.

Chided by Cane for being a quitter, Billy agrees to stay – but Jill must stop micro-managing his love life. And now Collin and Jill are going home to check out every nook and cranny of the renovated house. Both boys are nauseated. After Billy leaves, Cane also chides Jill for turning them against each other. Jill’s committed to making money and making sure Billy’s happy (by whatever means necessary)

Vikki hopes things work out for Summer. When she was a blushing bride, she thought ‘I do’ meant forever. Now alone, Phyllis looks at a bridal magazine (fantasizing that she’s marrying Billy) May I cut in? Jack appears. Phyllis tosses the magazine onto the floor.