Monday, August 22nd

Nikki’s certain that Victor didn’t put Adam in prison. We need to stick together. With a hug, Abby leaves Nikki to rejoin Victor and relay the question she just asked. I defended you as I did with Nick; said you’d never do that. You’re right, Victor agrees. It’s just us, Nikki wants the truth – did you do it? We make mistakes, Victor admits. You framed your own son for murder, Nikki realizes.

Nick drops by the penthouse to relay his visit – and update that Adam seems resigned to his fate. As Chloe takes a crying Chelsea upstairs, Nick’s left to watch Connor playing on the floor.

An unlikely voice of reason, Kevin points out that Dylan’s going over his stepfather. Getting Victor will destroy your Mom.

Nikki knows who and what Victor is. You’ve always had your son’s best interests at heart. You’ll take care of any unforeseen circumstances, she’s sure. Hugging her, Victor vows to fix this.

When Mike comes back to say he’s filed for a postponement in sentencing, Adam says he doesn’t need more time. I’m firing you.

Watching Connor play, Nick recalls Adam’s request. Uncle Nick will always be here for you, he promises as he sits on the floor.

Next: You are the one that is keeping secrets and telling lies! Why Neil? Hilary confronts her father in law …. What the hell’s going on? Vikki asks. When you find out what’s been going on around here you’ll wish you stayed in Mexico, Phyllis replies … Billy barks at Jill (with Collin) Mother you know best. You don’t need me, like I don’t need you. I quit!

My Thoughts: Abby’s not related to the guard. Her only connection to Mathews is that her brother’s the one who attacked him – so why is she being updated on his condition? AND volunteering to keep everyone else updated; Victor, Nikki, Dylan!? He’s a detective for heaven’s sake! … One minute Chelsea’s all ‘no one gets away with tearing apart my family’ the next she’s so weepy she needs Chloe to help her upstairs? Miss ‘I can spot a con a mile away’ is going to feel pretty silly when she finds out her BFF’s role in putting Adam away…. Of course Nikki’s able to forgive Victor, even rewarding him with a hug. She probably won’t even mind that Victor felt the need to use Nick’s deceased wife’s journal either. His grief is of no consequence to her if it’ll cause ripples in the marriage… Just because Victor’s married to his Mom doesn’t automatically mean Victor’s his stepfather.