Tuesday, August 23rd

Oops, Vikki shouldn’t ask personal questions or go on about her feelings for Travis. Did you sleep with him? None of your business, Vikki says. That’s a yes, Billy needs more wine. Yes, and yes it was good but not good enough for Travis to come back to GC or for her to stay on the boat. As Vikki goes up to get a blanket, Billy looks glum.

Jack wants to show Phyllis how much he adores her smile. We have the club restaurant practically to ourselves. How about a dance? We don’t need music. Let’s pretend it’s out first dance. Phyllis has a flash of Billy and stiffens in Jack’s arms. What’s wrong? he wonders (Nikki watches in the background)

Lily and Cane discuss the letters. What could Neil’s Mother have done? There’s a return address, Cane suggests Lily contact her and find out what’s going on.the whole story.

Neil tells Hilary to focus on her and Devon – stop digging in the past. Devon appears as Neil’s at the door. The past is best left in the past. It can only cause more pain, Neil marches out.

Trust me, Jill says. Collin knows she’s holding something back. Something changed last time you were here – and it’s not Billy’s crappy paint job. You found something out and are exploiting it. Collin vows to find out what it is and will exploit it himself.

It’s not like you to be embarrassed by people watching us, Jack won’t let Phyllis off the hook. She wishes she could be a bride again. You’re still MY bride, Jack says. Phyllis looks most dissatisfied in his arms.

Vikki brings down bedding in time to see Billy through the window. Head down, he slowly walks away.

Next: Put the dress down. Summer’s not marrying that jerk, Noah walks into the office to announce to Phyllis (and Sharon?) … OMG~ Summer gushes at Top of the Tower. Daniel, you came. I wouldn’t miss it for the world, he smiles …. Please, show him some mercy, – no one else has, Chelsea pleads (presumably to the Judge) Meanwhile, Adam’s lead out by two guards in shackles and cuffs.

My Thoughts: That big house and all her millions and Vikki doesn’t have an extra/guest bedroom to put Billy in? Nowhere other than the living room couch? Why not put Billy in the apartment above the garage? There’s no need for him to stay at his ex wife’s house anyway. So much for their agreement indeed … So now we’re supposed to feel sorry for Neil because his Mommy betrayed him by sleeping around? That is tough luck but join the club. And get some help if you still haven’t dealt with it at the age of 50. Hilary’s betrayal reminds Neil of his Mom’s cheating? He can’t forgive them – but never thought twice about cheating himself??? Gosh. I wonder if the donor with deep pockets who wrote the million dollar check could be Neil’s Mother? I find it hard to care. This is really scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas… Oh yay – Collin’s back. It should take him about 10 minutes (5 when he sobers up) to catch on to Billy and Phyllis – and to exploit it himself. But again, who cares. The only thing I’m looking forward to is Daniel’s return (even though I won’t like the lame excuse he gives for not bringing Lucy and Heather with him) … I’m not exactly a packrat, but there’s no way Hilary’s suite has enough storage space for her to be lugging around letters Neil’s thrown out. I can barely close my bill and take out menu drawer – never mind filing my ex’s old letters.