Wednesday, August 24th

Chris, Paul, Lauren and Mike remind us of Paul’s full beard, Lauren’s big hair and Mike chiseling through a wall to get to Chris.

Top of the Tower is being decorated for the party; a party for the family and the couple who’ve fought to be together. Summer can’t believe they’re getting married tomorrow. Neither can I, Daniel appears to say. OMG – you came~ Summer hugs her brother. Daniel wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Sharon brings some Mother of the Bride dresses for Phyllis to pick from (since Chelsea’s in court) Phyllis doesn’t want to pretend they’re friends – let’s keep it real. On to the dresses. As Phyllis inspects the first one, Noah marches in to say that Summer’s not marrying that jerk.

At the penthouse to pick up Chelsea, Nick offers to drive Chloe too. No, she’ll hang out with the kids but is it’s good that Chelsea will have Nick. Hearing that Nick promised to look out for her and Connor, Chelsea thinks Adam’s leaving them behind.

As Adam’s shackled and lead out of his cell, Nikki’s upstairs in front of the courtroom, wondering if it’s a good idea that Victor attends the hearing. What is your plan?

Summer introduces Luca to her big brother (who’s teased for not shaving) Taking a seat, Luca’s sure Phyllis has told him horror stories. Yes, but Daniel knows how his Mom is and comes with an open mind.

Back at Jabot, Noah can’t believe that no one’s freaking out about the wedding – you’re in here trying on dresses. Luca will exploit Summer. Phyllis lists everyone who’s tried to expose Luca. Phyllis will be there for Summer knowing she’ll need her later. Sharon agrees – calm down and back off. Like hell, Noah marches out (reminding Phyllis and Sharon of his Father)

It’s not a goodbye, Adam’s trying to protect his son – protect him from Victor. Nick will give Connor what he needs. He needs his Dad in his life, Chelsea rants about Adam pushing them away – and asking Nick to raise our son. I lost him. If Adam isn’t fighting, he isn’t Adam.

At the station, Kevin’s done some cross referencing and found the only passenger who paid cash for a drop off at the airport’s private terminal – and info on her driver.

In the courtroom, Victor will do everything he can to help and support Adam. As Nikki again presses for answers, Jack arrives to say it should never have come to this. For once you’re right, Victor agrees and turns his back dismissively.

Daniel, Luca and Summer joke about Mr Ears – and love being rough sometimes. Noah’s not happy to find the trio getting along. Summer doesn’t want to speak to Noah alone – and since when are you like this? If you think you can tell me what to do, we have more problems than you not liking my husband. Your sister loves you, Luca asks Noah to give her a break. As they argue, Daniel takes Noah aside – nobody’s going to listen if you rant like a lunatic. Maybe this is about Luca being married to your fiance? Stop. Support your sister or walk away. Phyllis, Sharon and Vikki arrive to watch silently.